?s about adrenals/thyroid.

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    Hi..I am detoxing and for that I am using an Enviromental Detox since that is what she suspects from my history. She said that my liver needs to be detoxed first along with getting my adrenals to fire back up and work. My thyroid has been trying to compensate for them.

    I got my Livotrit Plus and Cytozme AD in the mail just now. They are both to help the liver and adrenals.

    I started on Immuplex..only one at noon to start with. Has anyone taken anything like that for you adrenals and/or thyroid and had it make you feel a wee bit weird? I almost wonder if its my adrenals trying to kick in..after about an hour I feel pretty darned good. But boy..talk about sweating..since I started the detox yesterday and the Immuplex..wow..its shocking at how much a person can sweat and it aint a pretty smell either.

    Would like others experience of either the detox or the adrenal/thyroid treatments and how they made you feel when you first started taking them.

    They also sent me Iodine Liquid..said I would not know myself in a few weeks..I am all for it. I almost wondered if the weird sensation was from my body not feeling that good for so long that I did not remember what it felt like..okay I know that sounds weird..but I think the adrenals have been a wee bit nutty since I was a kid. Just curious as to what you all think.

    Thanks so much..Sherry
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    I never had increased sweating while detoxing, but I never took the same things you are taking. The sweating is probably a good sign....that you are getting rid of lots of gunk. I thought Immuneplex was supposed to be taken first thing in the morning 1/2 hr. before eating, no? You may notice a white film on your tongue in the mornings while detoxing. Scrape or brush it off, and do not swallow it. It's more toxins leaving your system. In Auyervedic medicine this while gunk is known as Ama.
    Keep us posted!
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    The bottle actually says take two each meal. She has me on one per meal..but I have started out with taking one at noon and hope to work up from there.

    Odd about the sweating thing..I thought maybe it was just a part of detoxing. I only take a fourth of the detox stuff cause I overreact to stuff so much. I took it yesterday but not today as last night was no sleep and yucky tummy. This too shall pass...right?!? <G>

    Thanks for the reply..and I was going to ask you if you had heard about the other two I listed. Have you heard of Biotics Research?

    How are you feeling these days? Hope well...Sherry