?'s about hunger with pain meds

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  1. Elobet

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    THIS SUCKS! I was on Roxicodone when i started weight watchers, 15 mg 4to 6 times a day. I was doing great as far as losing weight but my pain was gone all the way. So my Dr. put me on Oxycontin 40 mg. and this stuff makes me PIG OUT 24/7. I gained 6 lbs back so far. Today i visited the doc and I wanted to be put on phentermine but she thought that was taken off the market( found out today she was wrong) so she put me on xenical. I have heard the side effects are bad so i might hold off and take it back if i can. Anyway, suggestions anyone???????? i heard there are steroids in pain meds, is this true? Thanks! ~ Liz
  2. bejo

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    I don't know about pain meds makeing you hungry but I can say that the light anti-depressants I take give me a bigger appetite.I think it has all settled in my sweet tooth! LOL bejo
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    I was on them for a month and 90 pills cost me a 130 bucks. Needless to say I am not taking them anymore. They do work wonders if you can stay on them. They don't have any side effects other than more bathroom trips and if you try them don't be surprised at what you see come out. The thing I like about them is that its not a appitite suppressant like the phentrimine. It works in the digestive tract to eliminate fat that you eat by a third. So if you eat something with 9 grams of fat its like eating only 6 or that is how i understood it. I would give it a shot. All the other diet pills I had tried had the bad side effects but this was the only one that wasnt bad at all.

    Good luck,
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    Hello. Xenical is actually more safe than the Phentermine but the Phentermine works better than the Xenical. Side effects with Xenical are a bit more embarassing do to the way it works. It absorbs some of the fats in your intestine after it breaks down and can cause flatulence and loose stools. Phentermine can cause nervousness, loss of appetite, heart palpatations, headache, dry mouth, and insomnia. It is best taken very early in the morning because it takes up to 12-14 hours to slow down and this is what can cause the insomnia. Usually and EKG is done before prescribing the Phentermine. Xenical can be expensive where as Phentermine is much cheaper and has a generic: Ionamin. Most of out patients prefer the Phentermine and Meridia over the Xenical. It was Fen-Phen that was taken off the market. Phentermine is that without the Fen. This was the medication that was thought to be the cause of heart valve damage to many. But the Phentermine alone seems to be safe. Hope this helped. Actually, I've rambled so long, I've forgotten the question.
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    All I know is when I was on the Neurontin I gained 15 pounds. It made me very hungry and I ate alot of ice cream. So, now Im off of it and trying to loose the extra weight. The best thing I can say is dont fall into the trap of eating anything, just eat fruit, and veggies when you get the munchies. Maybe popcorn...Hope this helps...pammy
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    I just got on the scale yesterday and found I gained 11 pounds since my knee surgeries. I cannot afford it, do not need that extra weight on my knees. My cravings for carbs, ice cream and sweets goes up with pain meds. Just have to fight it now, do not want anymore weight gain.

    Good luck!

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    I really appreciate it. They make me feel a little better about taking this.

    SHAZZ - Thats amazing she lost so much weight, thats what i wanna lose, the only thing is I usually eat a low fat diet anyway i just munch on stuff real late.

    Jeanna - I took the xenical yesterday and so far so good. no problem with bathroom trips. I did eat very lowfat too which is probably why. As far as the price, as crazy and unbelievable as it is.... MY INSURANCE COVERED XENICAL! Isnt that awesome! Even the pharmacist was suprised.

    Echos - Thats real strange about Ionamine being the generic for phentermine cuz the walgreens pharmacist told me phentermine WAS the generic and ADIPEX was the brand name. now im confused lol.

    Pam- Im a HUGE (literally LOL) sucker for ice cream, i could eat it for every meal. I am not buying it anymore tho.

    Cathy - I hope you can fight those cravings, I know its incredibly hard for me to. Good luck! :)

    I also became a member of that xenicare.com , Its a site from XENICAL thats all about support. If you get put on it, you go there and you correspond by emails to an actual dietician or nutritionist they assign to you for support and you also get tips, reciepes etc. It sounds great. Wish me luck cuz im gonna need it. Im hoping weight loss in the future might help my pain levels. That'd be great wouldnt it? THANKS AGAIN ~ Liz