S. Californian's ?? Arthritis Center in Riverside & It's DR's ??

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    Hi all !!!

    I am wondering if anyone knows anything about the Arthritis Center in Riverside California or it's DR's.........?????????
    A DR. Franco ?????

    I was doing research and found it and it sure looks interesting.
    I took the step and made an appointment for 3 weeks from now. The first appointment is about 3 hours long and they are really into the antiobiotic therapy it seems.

    Please if anyone has any feedback please let me know. It sounds as though people travel from all over to go there.

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    BUMP !!!!!!!
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    Hi Kathi!!

    I am a current patient of Dr. Franco at the Arthritis Center of Riverside. I'm a fairly new patient there, but will tell you what I can.

    The first appointment was indeed at least 3 hours long. I have never had a doctor (in this case his associated, Dr. Llallande, take so much time to get a detailed history, read my old records, thoroughly examine me and then ordered so many x-rays I lost count! Not to mention the extensive blood work that was done. When I returned to see Dr. Franco in two weeks for my results I was equally impressed. He has a great bedside manner and took his time to go over every result with me. He verified with me every area that I have pain and why, what's causing it, etc. My blood work came back with several abnormalities, elevated sed rate, very high c-reactive protein, positive ANA, and posting testing for mycoplasma.

    I have just begun taking a nutrient regimen that has my pill count up quite a bit. I did a lot of research in this clinic before I went and spoke to many others who have been through the protocol who all had good experiences from it. I does take some time and is by no means an overnight cure. In my case, he wants to make sure I can tolerate the nutrient therapy before even starting the antibiotic protocol. And even when I do start that, there's the Herxemer reaction that they talk about where you feel worse for a few weeks before you feel better. But all I spoke with who went through that themselves now say they feel so much better on a daily basis than they have in years. That was enough for me to at least give this a try. Just the dream of feeling somewhat better is enough for me these days.

    The nutrient therapy is geared toward improving your energy level, your memory, helping your muscles stregthen and relieving muscle spasms, sleeping, and fighting off the invading bacteria in the digestive tract. I have noticed some improvement with the nutrients already. I also seem to be having a flare-up of my MS symptoms at the moment so it's hard to really tell how much better I'd feel if it weren't for the other diseases.

    I wish you great success with the Arthritis Center of Riverside and Dr. Franco. I'm sure you will be saying, "why didn't I find t his place sooner!"

    I would also suggest doing a search combing "the Arthritis Center of Riverside, Dr. A. Franco, and message boards". This should yield you some actual patient posts on message boards from those who have gone through the entire process.

    I wish you the best with all this. E-mail me at KrisInCali65@yahoo.com if you want more details or just to chat.

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    One that tries to make a difference. Anybody know of any good rheumy's in Missouri? I go to the Med Center in Columbia and they herd you in and then out you go for another 5 months. A lot can change in that length of time and no use calling to move up your appointment......its not gonna happen because they are way over booked...Makes a person wanna give up.....KADEE
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    CPRN911................just wondering where you live????
    you said only about 15 min away from me ?????

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    Bump for more info !!!!!!!!