S-ELAINE and JMQ It is me.....Susan

Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by sues1, Jul 19, 2009.

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    First I want to say I am sorry S-Elaine that Cancer was found, More on that shortly...

    JMQ I am thrilled about you getting your disability........GREAT, I am so pleased.
    Maybe you need more pockets in your cape to carry passengers and luggage when you make trips? I sure enjoy my snack pocket(s).....

    S-Elaine, I can only speak on my experience with Cancer. I felt BETTER ref. my Fibro and CFIDS when I was taking the chemo. My Cancer Dr. says she hears that often and no one knows why! I say "they" need to find out why! I had two drugs that I took for chemo on my first rounds......first one I felt sick at my tummy and could not eat for a couple of days. But I expected and accepted it okay. My family was trying to get me to eat....LOL....My daughter in law fixed me one pancake from the freezer, warmed the syrup....and I ate that. Later I had another, but just plain. Then my son cooked some noodles and added cream of mushroom soup and mixed veggies.I had all kinds of food here, but something told him that I could eat that......I was able to eat that and it tasted wonderful to me. I never had the food problem after that time, even after more chemo. Maybe not a huge appetite, but I ate okay.

    My second round of chemo was two other drugs, different from first round. My first time I was in agony (I want to be honest) and hurt so bad....Fibro hurting. But never had it in any of the following chemo treatments. Go figure!

    Chemo is not a piece of cake, but I told them I'd been in"training" for a long time, and it was easier than Fibro/Cfids. We Fibromites are tough cookies.

    First half of radiation was not hard at all and I felt good, then I became exhausted and it took some time to recover from that. I had close to 30 sessions. Best folks running it, they make it the best they can. I imagine that it is that way about every where.

    Some folks had "warned" me that the last chemo of Rad session would be the roughest, or the middle one.......just shows that we are all different and react differently. What they give you could also be different from what they gave me.

    I really think that you need to heal from your operation.......so take it easy please. I had night wear, but I also bought a bunch of those horrid cotton dusters. You know, the ones in discount stores in ugly material that is old "ladish"......LOL.....Hey I am old, but I do not think of myself that way. I like the ones with snaps up the front and buy in a large size. I lived in them. After I showered I put on a fresh one, so comfy! Also sweat outfits when it is cooler, People that stop by do not know you slept in them. Wear your boy friends T shirts and old shorts or just your pantie with them. Just have robes around in case someone stops by.

    This is your special time to get better, enjoy it the best you can. Surround yourself with positive people and just soak in the fun and love, that is the best cure. You are that type of person........more later..................Love to you and JMQ
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    Sorry to butt in on your thread, but I just wanted to tell you I have been reading your updates on your condition and your surgery....I am so sorry about all of this....that you are going through this. And I am deeply saddened at the way your "family members" have been acting toward you. But you already know how they are, so that is important in keeping their behavior in perspective. You have a lot on your plate right now and shouldn't have to worry about them or how they are acting.

    I am so happy that you have your boyfriend too...he seems to be wonderful, and such a great support for you. I just want to wish you the best, and know that you are always in my thoughts and prayers. Take care of yourself.

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