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Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by jmq, Jul 8, 2009.

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    Hi sweet one....how ya doing? I havent been on for a week and thought I better check on you. Any news from the biopsy? How are you healing? Srill staying with you sweet boyfriend. Tell him thank you from me for taking good care of you.....

    I am going to New Zealand tomorrow with my hubby and daughter to see other family. Its a looooooong hard trip for me but getting my grandbaby in my arms will keep me strong! I will be able to use the internet from NZ so I will check in when we can.

    I also posted another post about getting my SSDI approval....maybe.

    Its complicated the judge is saying that he wants to approve my case before the hearing scheduled in 6 weeks but he is asking for all sorts of financial info from the year I applied. I sent what he needed so I will wait for about a week before I get the final decision. SOOOOO I am a very happy caped Girl !!!!!!

    Now take care of yourself and check in when you can.


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    You are something else!!! Putting you poor sweet concerned boyfriend through the wringer like that! He obviously has a great sense of humor like you...and you sound perfect together. I can imagine the set of rules you would have for him to deal with the rules he has for you! LMAO...

    I am sorry about the bleeding but it sounds like its under control. But you better be slow and easy on yourself until everything is healed. I am sure more stitches gave you more pain to deal with.

    I made it over here to New Zealand with my hubby and daughter. I should have flown with my cape....it may have taken less time. The trip from Miami to Auckland required 24 hours of traveling. The first leg of the trip to California was the worse and my fibro pain was off the charts. By time we made the second 13 hour trip....I broke down and took some pain meds. and drank some wine. It was also a bigger plane and more comfortable. It is freeeeeezzzzzzing here in my sons house. It is winter, they are having gale force winds, and they have no central heating system in the house. Pretty cold for us Florida peeps. But I am loving being with the kids.

    But all is really good because IT IS OFFICIAL: MY SSDI WAS APPROVED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The attorney said the hearing was cancelled by the Judge and I should get the approval letter within a few weeks! So now I can really enjoy my time with the family.

    I will be checking in every few days so let me know how you are doing.

    Hugs to you from the Southern Hemisphere!
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    Just wanted to say that I'm very sorry to hear that your cervical cancer is not yet vanquished. You have a terrific fighting spirit. I'm sure there are some pretty rough patches along the way, too, but you are a remarkably feisty woman and, if I were cancer, I would be scared! It doesn't stand a chance.

    Kick butt,

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    I am so sorry about the results! The good news is that they found it and can FINALLY get rid of it. You are one of the strongest women I have met here on LV and I know your positive spirit will help you fight this.

    I think we need to make some super duper double layered teflon lined capes for this mission! Let me know more about the research you do on the treatment options. I will keep you in my prayers my friend....

    Hugs back to you,