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    It's official, I have 2 unpaid item strikes against me.

    You know, I'm not going to worry about it. Anyone who is a seller can look at my feedback and know that IS NOT my usual way of doing business.

    Hope you have better luck the with pants lady than this gal did with me. LOL!!!

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    S-Elaine - I sent Ebay a note explaining that I felt the seller has inflated her shipping beyond reason. I gave them examples of completed auctions for the same or near same items and the shipping costs for them. I also provided the cost of USPS flat rate charges that she would be using. It was less than half of what she was wanting.

    SO!!! The removed the Unpaid Item disputes from my account. I am glad, since I have been such a good buyer for years.

    Thanks for your help and thoughts on how to handle this problem!

    Have you seen the vacation pants yet?


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