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    Hi Girlfriend.....I first of all want to say "thank you" for the compliment on the post I made about trying to be a little more kind...I appreciate your support and for letting me know !

    I am pretty upset at the moment ...as I just found out that our mortgage co which did a loan modification for us ( our house was in foreclosure) told us our total payments were going to be x amount of dollars and now that the payments have begun they told us they made a mistake and that the payments are going to be over 300.00 more a month than they lead us to believe....AND THAT WERE IN THE PAPERWORK WE SIGNED!

    How this is supposed to help us?.... I do not know....as Iam too sick to work( outside the home)... and with only one income....( my husbands ) we just cannot pay what they want) it is only a matter of time before we get behind if I can't do something to help ....everything keeps going up and our income is not so more seems to be going out than coming in...BOTTOM LINE I NEED TO FIND A WAY TO HELP TAKE SOME OF THE STRESS OFF OF MY HUSBAND FINANCIALLY!

    So....I really want to try the Ebay thing...I actually was a "BIG GIRL" and set up an account now I just need to figure out how to make a nice page system for my "store front" anyhow.....

    I have a lot of things in my gagage that I can sell....but I also want to sell make up really bad just because it is something I really like and have a deep interest in...and you know what they say ( if you do what you love you never work a day in your life) I would not go that far hahahaha

    But what I wanted to ask you is for help in finding resources ...can you help me?...Where do these people on Ebay get the products that they sell....there has to be resources and why is it so hard to find them?

    I know I can do this.....and do a good job of it....but I have spend countless hours trying to find resources and I know there has to be a secret to finding places to get the things I will sell....

    do you know of anything or have any ideas?

    If Iam over stepping any boundaries with you please forgive me......I am not intending to do that.....I have to get some income coming in before it is too late....

    please let me know what you think and if you have any suggestions

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    I hope so much that it can be found and reposted.....I really need that info....I have still been trying....but my Iam going with my gut on this one....

    I do think there is a lot of make up being sold but that I am not going to let that stop me.....:)

    It could be that later on I will find Iam interested in something different who knows but for now I just dig the make up stuff")

    Thank you so much sweetie for posting to me and for trying to help me..

    I will keep you posted on how things are going.....
    "oh I do have a lot of things that are in my gagage that I was going to have a garage sale but decided to see on ebay so I will be selling things other than make up at first but still if I can find ways to get that wholesale make up Iam heading in that direction :)

    thanks again your a doll!

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    I have a free store. Am I allowed to post the free store site? We don't have as much traffic right now, but it's a bunch of eBayers and eventually we will be in the search engines more.

    I can keep my items on indefinitely, too.

    Am I allowed to give you my store address for you to look over to see what you think? I admit I don't do as well as I did with eBay, but I can keep the stuff on indefinitely and it is not an auction, I have to put fixed prices on the items.

    I use both sites. Ebay for auction and the other for fixed prices.

  4. kellygirl

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    Instead of eBay, it's Blujay............two sites. One is auction, the other is selling at one price indefinately.

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