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    If you had a buyer that had 244 Feedback Score (100% Positive) and one unpaid item-disputed item against them, would you still consider them a good ebayer?

    I am facing that situation due to outrageous shipping costs. I didn't pay close enough attention to the shipping costs. I made a mistake. Plain and simple.

    I was the only bidder on the items so I didn't cause her to lose out on a sale. If I hadn't bid and won them, she would be relisting them. But that is just my way of trying to justify my actions.

    I am willing to pay the listing fee or whatever. I am backing out of a contract. I know there are conquenses and I accept it.

    Just looking for your opinion. You are very fair with your buyers and I respect that.

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    I just checked the listings and there is nothing about refunds. (330147559676 and 330147559555)

    As soon as I won the auctions, and she sent me the invoice, I about fell over. Her auctions says she will combine shipping and reduce the cost. Well, I failed to see that the reduction was only $1.00

    I contacted the seller immediately and said that I felt the shipping and handling was out of line. She said basically 'too bad too sad'. I then told her that I couldn't complete the transaction. There is an Unpaid Item Dispute on each item. I have responded to Ebay. I don't think she is going to come to a mutual agreement. I expect to have the bad marks against me.

    I can't make it any clearer to her that I know I am in the wrong, and she can do what she needs to. If she isn't charged a listing fee because of me not paying, then I'm not going to offer to pay the listing fee.

    Heck, for what she is charging for shipping, I could drive to OK and get them. Hey, that is an idea! Maybe we could settle it that way?

    Thanks for all your help and input. I means a lot to see it from the seller's point.

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    Actually, I collect that pattern of dishes, not just tea sets. When I was still in high school, my mom bought me those dishes through the weekly grocery store special.

    Cheap cheap stuff, but it's so pretty. In fact, I had my last wedding in pink, white and grey, like the dishes. LOL! I just realized that. Glad the dishes lasted longer than the marriage. Tee Hee

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    My first marriage. He made the front page today of the local newspaper today. He lives 300 miles away and runs a dairy farm. To make front page news from 300 miles away, it has to be something pretty big.

    The state is suing him and wife #4 or #5 (I lost count) for polluting 3 wells in the area and putting sewage from the milk barn in a stream. He is fined $10,000 per day till he gets it fixed if he is in fact the cause of the contamination.

    I knew there was a higher power and she is smiling a big grin right now!!!

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    Bumping for Elaine