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    Just wanted to ask you about your inspirational post, things your dad taught you. (which is awesome!)

    I found 3 or 4 post of your's but they all were the same and said, "part2"

    Where is the original post? Part 1?

    You had some very practical stuff on the one, would love to read the original post.

    Good luck on the date.
    P.S. By kissing and running, you should know, men love the hunt!! Of course he was going to want to see you again!!

    Are you blonde??? Just kidding!! :0)
    becareful out there, but have fun.
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    Thank you for posting this, you were very luck to have a Dad like that. Very few of us do have people like that in our life.

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    That brought the tears.

    I remembered reading part one way back when I first came to the board.

    Love and hugs.