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    There is someone on the FM board who is going through a horrific experience with depression. I mentioned your name but did not ask you first but since you are so refreshingly upfront about your situation, I thought you might have some insight for him.

    His PH name is Joebth7 and he is really in pain.

    I recommended that he come here on this sight but he may be so down, has not done that.

    Would you mind popping over to the FM board and maybe give him a few tips.

    While the AD will be a good start as you well know adding therapy ups the odds of a successful treatment. I think he is having difficulty accepting there are no guarantees with any treatment. A very understanable and human reaction.

    I've been there done that and would not wish this on anyone.

    BTW, congratulations on feeling better. It's a process and hard work isn't it?

    Take care.
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    Hey Gap,

    You know me ----- I am as upfront here at the Message Board with my life experiences & know how long or how hard you might have to work to find what works!!

    PATIENCE ...... it finally does pay off. Just seems like forever when you are in the "mist" of things.

    Thanks for leaving a message so I can see if I can help out.

    Take care,
    == Elaine
  3. gapsych

    gapsych New Member

    Thanks that was inspiring. For many of us who have been there.

    Take care.

  4. S-Elaine

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    You are welcome.

    I put together the message as quickly as I could & then made a separate post. Hoping he will see people are reaching out to him.

    With all I have been through myself, I'd never leave anyone behind. Hopefully, he may want to reach out and we can continue the "Journey of Recovery". That is what we are here for & to learn ....... everyone is IMPORTANT and people DO CARE even when we feel that low.

    I'll watch to see if he replies and I never am shy about sharing what I have gone through.

    Thank you for letting me know someone was out there!!

    Take care of yourself as well,
    == Elaine

    BILLCAMO New Member

    to this post ......& others...

    How can ANYONE be fighting these DD's and not experience some form or degree of depression .......I don't think it is possible.......I know I do have to deal with this....I think others do too..................

    I REFUSE to use the "soap opera" approach/ mentality........ that some have taken.....Each much choose their own approach.........

    IMHO , a positive path is more helpful than a negative avenue.....

    Blessings ,

  6. S-Elaine

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    Agreed most chronic illnesses may come along with some form of Depression because we lost our health and may grieve over it.

    MAJOR DEPRESSION Disorder and / or MASSIVE DEPRESSIVE DISORDER means you most likely are in grave danger.

    Over on the FM Side of the Message Board, I see AUSSIEWOMAN put a bullet list of the signs and symptoms.

    It is on the post called ------ MASSIVE DEPRESSION DISORDER ----- written by Joeb7th.

    I finally was recently "STABALIZED" with Luvox and all different forms of additional Treatment.

    Hope that helps a bit.

    I have experienced "Situational Depression" before, "Clinical Depression" and this time it seems to be a combination of POST TRAUMATIC STRESS as well as SEVERE / CLINICAL DEPRESSION.

    It seems we are all different in so many ways and that is what makes it confusing.

    Feel free to ask more, if you would like. I know I don't have all of the answers, yet I will give it a shot & try to reply.

    Take care,
    == Elaine

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