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    Hi! So, my doc is reducing my Lyrica and adding Cymbalta into the mix. So I'm posting a few questions here, to see how others are handling these newly approved FM drugs in a Cymbalta + Lyrica combo coctail...

    I have CFIDS/ME and FM. Pain has become a huge issue for me only recently: in the past I was able to push through the pain with mere advil, but I can't any longer. Lyrica helped, but put on weight, feet swelled and began to get breakthrough pain. So my doc is mixing things up, hoping to reduce my pain and my weight. This doc is great with FM only and is not knowledgable about CFIDS/ME. My other doc who handles CFIDS/ME would not recommend either of these drugs, for fear of relapse.

    I want some views of those actually taking the drugs who have these illnesses, not what a doctor or pamphlet says/believes. I have reviewed several of the posts but am aiming this at those that have or are taking both.

    Have you gained/lost weight?
    If you don't suffer from depression, did Cymbalta help?
    Does taking both help more than taking just one of the drugs? --i.e., energy, sleep, pain?
    Were you fine taking one drug, but not both drugs together?
    If you have CFIDS/ME, did Cymbalta make you relapse?
    Are you still taking both drugs? If not, why did you stop?
    What doses (if you don't mind) did you find work well for you?
    Any other comments or concerns?

    Many, Many Thanks!! ((((((((hugs)))))))))

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