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    I am so excited to hear about the results you've seen from coral calcium. You use "Nature's Benefit", correct? Where can I find it? And how much does it cost? I've been thinking about trying the Bob Barefoot brand but have been dragging my feet. I could stand to lose the 20lbs. I've gained since being dx with FM. How long have you been taking the cc? How long before you started seeing results?
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    Hello Imn,
    I'm very excited about the Coral Calcium too! I started feeling the effects of the Coral Calcium immediately. The weight started falling off of me within two weeks of starting the coral. I'd just bought my mom a new weight scale for her birthday and I was annoyed that it was not weighing properly. When I got back home, I found out I had really lost 4 pounds and the new scale was correct.

    I've been losing just over a pound a week during the three months I've been on it. My clothes are falling off me! LOL!
    I take 1,200 mg (120% RDA) of the coral calcium every night.

    I can't give out the website for Nature's Benefit but if you have trouble finding it just e-mail me at JasmineNirvana@hotmail.com and write Coral Calcium Question as a heading. I get a lot of junk mail so don't want to accidentally delete anyone's e-mail. Have a good weekend!

    Love, Jasmine
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    thank you, thank you!!!
    i'm going to check it out today. i'm definitely
    excited about losing weight, but even more so about
    feeling better.
    you're the best!