S.O.S. to Steffi43 in Cola, SC

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  1. lcaldwell

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    Hello steffi43

    I live in Cola. SC too. I thought maybe we could exchange information about resources here. I have had FM/CFIDS for 7 years and have mostly struggled with it alone. How did you find a doctor or other resources. Please help! Any information will be appreciated.
  2. msmac

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    I have had FM most of my life, but got a formal diagnosis about 14 years ago. I have never had a chance to talk with othes very much about this, and have just gotten into a bad flare, so am exploring all options, trying to locate people to talk with. I am 52, work at home doing medical transcription, but am on FMLA right at the time. Will see if anyone is on during days, and evenings 7 or 8 p.m.
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