?'s on side effects/benefits of Mirapex Gabitril for RLS

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  1. butterfly83

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    For those of you who have already tried Mirapex of Gabitril, have you have any bad side effects?

    I know that the med just not working is common for people with FMS (so that's okay to say too), but i'd like to get a candid idea of what types of side effects either of these two meds could cause for my restless leg syndrome. It makes my bedtime routine very long and annoying, so I WOULD like to find a way to make it better, but i don't want to trade one ill for another.

    And if you are going to recommend Magnesium, i've already been taking it every night for several months with no benefit, so let me know what DOSE you are on that is helping. Maybe I'm not getting enough or something.

    Thanks guys for all your help.
  2. StephieBee

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    I have taken both.

    Gabitril, I tried years ago. I got hallucinations so I went off of it. My father was on it for a long time. He got up to the highest dosage. His doctors told him that it could eventually cause your teeth to rot out of your head....uh no thanks!

    I am currently on Mirapex. I have tried alot of other meds for RLS to no avail. It has taken the RLS away...just not the pain. But it is not designed to take the pain away. I have had no side effects what-so-ever....atleast that Im aware of.

    They say that your blood pressure can drop while first on it...so you have to be careful.

    Hope this helps.