Sacrament Meeting.

Discussion in 'Spirituality/Worship' started by Cactuslil, Jan 25, 2002.

  1. Cactuslil

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    My son and I were "never miss a meeting" church goers until my health got the best of me last Dec.; it has now been over a year since we have been and we pray every night I will have my "act" together enough to make it to sacrament.

    My son told me he is losing hope that we will make it and he is 9 and we both really need this support. My IBS is usually still flared up at 9:30. Please pray for us that this week will be different and we will make that meeting.

    Thanking each of you. Lil and son.
  2. JUDY

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    Lil, I will certainly pray for you and Will, you seem to have so much on your plate all the time. I admire the strength you show and the inspiration you that you are to this board. Many blessings. Judy
  3. BrownSuga

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    I can truely understand what you are saying.
    it's sad to say i haven't been to church since the sunday before christmas, and that's just not like me at all.

    after I work a full 8 1/2 hrs a day mon-fri. and then go to wrestling and basketball games on sat. by sunday i'm just to exshausted to attend.

    but I promised myself that this sunday I would try to go.

    I understand what you are feeling.

    prayers are on the way
    love yah

  4. BonnieQ

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    My prayers are with you, I hope all goes well with you and your son and the custody. BonnieQ
  5. momtc

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    I have added you to my prayer list and I hope that you feal able to go soon
    Barbra J