Sacro Iliac Joint Dysfunction

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    I know this was discussed in the past, but how is everyone with this? Mine comes and goes with pain, the joint at the right leg where it connects to the hip is interfering with walking right now, but I know, or hope, it will pass again.

    I go to the over-50 chair yoga and can't do certain poses that aggravate this joint, but the yoga does help me with my neck and posture. I get pain from poor posture. I have a chronic pain in the neck and the yoga definitely helps.

    But anyway, I was wondering if you have found anything that helps you with the hip/leg pain.

    I also soak in epsom salt baths and take ibuprofen before bed with melatonin. this is my nightly routine that seems to work most of the time.

  2. Nikki

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    I also have pain in the joints at both legs where they connect to the hip, and it interfers with my walking and hurts like crazy. Can't walk for very long.

    I'm not familiar with SI joint pain . . . can you give me more information.

    I wish you more good days than bad.

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    Nikki, I learned about it from the boards here and when I went to the doctor and he was explaining to me about the L2 joint and hips, blah, blah....I asked are you talking about Sacro Iliac Joint Dysfunction? He said yes.

    If you press on the indentation at the back of your hip bone, that HURTS!

    I have read that the yoga that I participate in with the over50 crowd is supposed to help and it seems to, esp. with my posture. The magnesium from the epsom salts, hot baths seem to help and the Advil. My doctor also prescribed fish oil, so I take Krill. (plus other supplements)

    Any other ideas? I also want to check out a back board, don't know what they are called but they are curved and you lay on them.

    I will look into the alphabiotics. Jam, can you stand cold on your skin? I have already broken out into hives from the cold and would not let PT use it on me either when I had gone.

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    Hi Kellygirl,

    Please forgive a copy/paste as I've answered this elsewhere and it's easier not to write the same thing out again!...

    I have had a major problem with SIJD for about 10 years, but it is getting better as a result of several things:
    - I stopped sleeping on my front/side and finally got used to sleeping on my back
    - I wear those trainers that make you walk and stand better (mine are Sketchers Shape Ups but I'm sure other brands are just as effective)
    - I sit on a gym ball as much as possible, which strengthens my core muscles

    I have noticed all of these making a huge improvement over the last year or so. My SI joint still plays up but seems to calm itself down if I walk around in the Sketchers - at first it just helped a little and kept me sane until I could get to a chiropractor but now I very rarely need the chiropractor for my SI joint as I can fix it myself by wearing the shoes. (Still funding the chiropractor's beach house due to my other pains though!)
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    I had my left knee replaced in 2001. then about 5 years later, I started getting pain in my groin. This progressed to the point of SEVERE pain.

    After doing some imaging, they found that I had 6 compression fractures: T10, L1, L2, L3, L4 and L5. I had 2 rounds of kyphoplasty for the fractures at T10, L1 and L5. My neurosurgeon thought just those levels would be enough. For the SI pain, he suggested RFA or radio frequency ablation.

    I went to a pain clinic to look into this in July 2008. I thought about it for a year. I was originally told I'd get 15 - 18 months of pain relief. When I went back in July 09, I was told it was only 6 - 9 months, now that they'd done a few of these. I was not going to chain myself to this pain clinic and keep going back 2x per year to have the nerves fried.

    I tried 7 rounds of prolotherapy which helped with ligament laxity and many 6 week courses of physical therapy. I saw 3 different chiropractors. I was just not getting better so I opted for the SI-Bone i-Fuse because of arthritis INSIDE the joint. That was last April. I also got screw fixation on the side that did not hurt.

    The change in spine pressure from the SI surgery caused the 3 vertebrae that got the bone cement (kyphoplasty) are now leaking bone cement. It's in the disc spaces and I've got a blob of it parked on my L5 nerve.

    Here is a group of 450 people with SIJD:

    I'm not trying to steal people from this board but want people to get some helpful info if they need it. Be sure to check out the documents section and the photos. There is links to both right under the group name.

    Linda Sauer
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    Long time no chat.

    Hope all is well with you.

    QVC has the cutest pink and brown polka dot ice packs and they also have a plaid one that is always sold out.


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    I've been wanting to get one of those anyway for my grandson. He loved to roll around on my DIL's. Never thought of strengthening the core muscles with it.

    I always get helpful info with the people on this board.

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    When it is *out* (usually on my right side), I can stand with my feet together and pointed forward, and my upper body turns several degrees to the left. It doesn't feel very good, either.

    I found something one day surfing around online. If you put "Thompson manuver" and "si" in a search engine, you'll find it pretty quick. It is an adjustment you can do yourself -- you sit in a chair, and there are three or four easy steps.

    Sometimes this works for me to snap things into place, sometimes it doesn't. But at least it is something to try.

    Oops -- it is Thompson MANEUVER, not manuver.[This Message was Edited on 02/08/2012]
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    Will look it up, too!
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    that link doesn't work!

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    that link doesn't work!


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