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    I was wondering if anyone out there who has suffered from sacroiliac joint pain has tried a pelvic support belt?

    I have had a problem with pain in my hips, both sides, for 5 years now. When I asked my doctor about it he told me it was bursitis in my hips as my Xrays where all normal.

    Recently I really injured myself and the pain was awful. I went back to my doctor and he told me it was in my sacroiliac joint and to take some Advil to reduce the inflamation. I couldnt stand the pain so I went to see a chiropractor. The chiroprator told me I have sacroiliac joint dysfunction and suggested a pelvic support belt. He did some work on me and moved the pain from the left to the right side. I went back to him and he told me I have it in both joints.

    I did a search and there are some of you out there who suffer from this also and I wondered if any of you have tried this belt? It is expensive so before I spend a lot of money for this I wanted to know if it has helped anyone.

    Thanks Chris
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    My chiropractor ordered me one for a herniated disc. It was around $30, so I don't know what they are charging you. It didn't really work for me in the long term since I had to have surgery. However, it does feel better when having to do any lifting or walking for a long period of time. My chiropractor did warn me that you don't want to use it for a long period of time, because it can actually make the joints more inflamed due to them not being able to move freely. Short term use only, like a few weeks. Hope this helps. Use some anti-inflammatory meds also.
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    I am in Canada so the cost here is about $50-$60 still doesnt sound like much if it helps but I have been off work since Nov due to the leg and butt pain from sitting all day so it is a lot to me if it does not help. I have spent so much money on braces and such, I have a cupboard full, none of which I use. Still I will probably buy one because this is so painfull I will try anything at this point.

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    I go to a physiatrist, a doctor who deals with physical medicine and rehabilitation. I thought my L4 & L5 disc had herniated again. I could barely walk and she took one look at me and said it was my SI joint and that it was out of place. She taught me how to put it back in place. A very empowering lesson as the dislocation happens often. I asked her about the belt for this and she told me that it would be very uncomfortable and didn't work all that well. My bursa gets inflamed all the time and she is able to give me cortizone in it. The shots help for a couple of months.

    It seems to me that many of us diagnosed with Fibro actually have Ehlers Danlos Syndrome. I have been diagnosed with both. Oddly enough, EDS has been around much longer than Fibro, yet even doctors don't know what it is or how to treat it. Hypermobile Joints that move out of place is a key element in EDS. A geneictist is the best kind of doctor for diagnosis.
    Hope this helps you. I'm on AOL if you need further information, email me. (MtnDews)
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    Thanks to all that replyed. I dont think we have Dr's in Canada called physictrist, most likley the closest thing would be a specialist in sports medicine. I have done a lot of research on the net regarding this type of condition and it seems to be most common in athletes though there is some mention of women who have experianced multiple births also having this type of problem.

    I also did some research on MtnDews Ehlers Danlos and I sure have a lot of the symptoms of that as well. I think a dx of FM is a easy label to slap on people, espeacially women, saves those busy Rhuemy's the trouble of really having to dig deep to see if there is something else going on. I have seen two now and neither one of them will see me again as they do not treat FM patients (they have too many really sick patients to have the time to treat me)

    My GP is sending me to see another rhuemy in another city as he would like me to see someone who will dig a little deeper before they just brush me off and tell me to come back if I ever get "really sick".

    Thanks again and MtnDew I will mention this Ehlers Danlos to my GP when I see him again. He is great and believes that a dx of FM should only be given once all other avenues have been explored as there are no diffenative test for this deasese

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    Hello !

    I have FMS, Elhers-Danlos Syndrome also,and I was told today that I have SI Joint Dysfunction. They seem to go together. SI Dysfunction is very painful. I have it on my right side. It has developed after an injury 10 years ago.

    Its really weird that I find that people with FMS usally have Elhers-Danlos Syndrome.

    My daughter has CFIDS, POTS, and Elhers-Danlos.

    Both of us have 20 or more different diagnosis each some of the same illness's and only by the Grace of GOD we are still here and willing to share our testimony of how our faith in God has kept us alive.
    My daughter got her disability last year, however I'm still working full time and it really drains me.

    I just found out I have SI Joint dysfunction today. My doc said I may have to quit working soon.
    Finally a name to go with the pain. We all have been through that. The idea of not knowing what is wrong with us.
    Have a Blessed Day !
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    I am having this problem... when i excercise, like leg lifts &extensions & thigh excercise etc. Or those elbow to opposite knee excercises like your working on your abs..
    one of my hips bones SEEMS to pop, it's very uncomfortable,it's loud too, it feels as if it slightly moves out of a socket then pops right back with movement, it had locked up before, thats when it really hurts to pop to unlock it..i hope you know what i mean...

    Can this be due to Sacroliac joint?It's the bone under my butt cheek, sorry so blunt.
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    A physical therapist can teach you the exercises to help stabilize your SI so it won't dislocate as often as well as how to get it back in place when it does happen. The belts are worthless, in my opinion: they simply can't hold your pelvis in place for any length of time. (BTW: There are physiatrists in Canada. They may be called Physical Medicine doctors, or Rehab doctors.)

    Good luck.
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    Intriguing discussion!
    Have had a wonky SI joint since a car accident 35 yrs ago.When the joint goes off its rocker there are only 3 practitioners in Australia who can help.
    The best is an osteopath.
    When I have treatment which is only every 2 years or so I have to nurse the joint for 4-6 weeks as it is veeerry slippery..only sit for 15 mins, gentle 10 min walks and no bending..This is a pain if you live by yourself but I use the belt for short periods to do my chores and to sit for longer periods when I go out..It is a great help..After the settling in healing I have no real pain...just a firm bed and chair as managemnt strategies.Am able to do quite a bit of gardening.

    The last 2 out of place joint happnings have been caused by various practitioners treating me like their other clients.
    Am no planning to reasearch E.D. Syndrome.
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