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    a friend of mine was diagnosed with fibro yesterday. I hate this. she already has back problems, liver problems and diabetes. so guess how limited she will be on pain meds? that's right, people, count your Tyelenol she's going to be restricted from so much that could help the pain. suggestions? and of course, the first thing I told her was come here. I also mentioned the ProHealth and Advocare nasturalk products for such things; she will have to check re: drug interactions but I told her as far as ProHealth products went, someone here could undoubtedly help her. any feedback.....I Love this woman. she is fabulous. she's the *grandmother* of our pups, Panda and Wicket, the peak-a-shitz. and she so does not deserve this. only person I can think of living that might is my cheating lying adulterating first husband =) not that I am bitter!
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    I'm sorry that there is now a new 'member'. None of us would wish this on anyone let alone people we love!

    If she needs pain meds - I take some that has no Tylenol, no aspirin, so there are choices. I take oxycodone, roxycodone is the actual name I believe without Tylenol.

    It should be okay with her diabetes, shouldn't hurt her liver, but I obviously can't speak of any drug interactions -no idea what meds she is on (I wouldn't pretend to know anyway)

    Love your last statement, btw!! =)

    Your friend at least has you- do you know how lucky she is? Most of us have not had anyone we know in our personal lives who really know how we feel. - she does, now you do too!
    Tell her to get on here when she's ready!

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    She might want to try Tong ren. It's free energy healing that is drug free.
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    So sorry about your friend but the other poster is right there are choices that don't have tylenol or codiene in it.My sister in-law is allergic to those and she still has pain pills she can take. Oxycontin not oxycodone is what she can take. The oxycodone has codiene in it that is why it is named codiene. Not trying to put the other poester down just trying to keep your friend from getting the wrong meds.

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    I would suggest the Emu Goo for a topical and possibly look into homeopathy??

    I take Arnica Montana and Rhus Tox for pain with good results. I don't feel I respond as well to homeopathy as others, but it's OK for me and it helps when I'm flaring. She might have better results with it than I do. The menopause formula really, really helps my hotflashes. is the website I use for information and ordering. Remember, a little goes a long, long way with homeopathy. And it's affordable to try and abandon if you don't get the desired results.

    love and hugs.