sad , frustrated and anxious about pain med renewal

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    my pain management doc dosen't like to write my ultram prescriptions too far in advance for fear of being targeted for writing too many scripts, so tells me to call the office when i need a renewal. sounds easy, but trying to get the message through and the prescription called in to the pharmacy is horrible. i started calling last week to give plenty of time to get this done. called today because i knew the doc was in today and still didn't get the prescription called in. of course, every time i call i feel like a junkie begging for a fix. meanwhile my anxiety rises because i know i will have major pain problems if i don't keep on my dosing schedule. pain medication policies are so unfair. if i was calling about a cardiac medication, i bet i wouldn't get treated this way.
    i know, all i need now is a violin so accompany my sad song, but i'm so upset about this. i try so hard to keep on top of this dd and keep functioning, and know its the meds that keep me going, and it is so hard to be at the mercy of others. does anyone else run into this problem?
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    If your drs appointment dates don't coincide with your refill date, I would ask for a post-dated rx on next visit you might suggest refills w/dates. I have one dr that gives me 5 refills but writes the dates right on the prescription when they can be filled.
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    I don't have exactly that problem,but close.I take a light nerve pill along with a light anti-depressant at night so I can sleep.When my first Dr. moved out of state I went through 3 Drs. before I could find one that would continue the light nerve pill.They said that it was addictive and wanted to change my meds.I had tried other meds in the first place and this was the only combination that worked.I'm 60 years old and didn't really care if it was addictive,I needed sleep and relief for fibro.Some Drs. just need to feel like we do for a week and see what they say after that. bejo
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    I feel your pain (seriously)! Getting my doc to call in an RX is like a week in HELL but, Ultram is not a controlled substance so your doc should not be so hesitant to give you a few refills each time he has to call it in.. Maybe you could (if you ever do actually get to talk to him) discuss this with him and see if he can't give you like 3 refills at a time (that's what my doc does). Good Luck!
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    i will ask the doc about post dating the scripts, right after i complain about how hard it is to "just call in". it constantly amazes me how a dependence on a med for an well-known physical problem is ok, but when the med deals with pain or emotions the dependence gets looked upon as addiction.
    i don't know if the problem is just with the office help or the doc. will have to find this out. but in the meantime, i hate the stress this causes.
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    I am still trying to locate a doctor who would help me with pain meds; not easy in my area, and I require a caregiver.

    But, getting back to the main subject, have you asked your pharmacy to contact your doctor for you instead?

    hope this helps

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    I think that doctors don't give refills on some meds like pain meds because, They don't want to miss that money they would not get every month when you come in for a office visit. If they give you a refill you are more likely to miss an appointment but if your in pain they know your going to be there right on time if not an hour early. So they have no incentive to write refills, but a big pay off of multiple visits if they dont.
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    I would consider finding another dr. who would probably find no problem at all writing you scripts for Ultram because it is such a mild pain reliever and not even a controlled substance. I am surprised that it helps you that much as it did nothing for me but my pain is to the point now that I have to take something stronger. I don't understand his hesitancy at all and would ask him why he has a problem knowing the DEA would certainly not be targeting him for writing a script for a medication that is not a controlled substance. Good luck. Toots