sad news from a friend @ chronic pain patient

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by coyote, May 24, 2003.

  1. coyote

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    I saw a friend today that I haven't seen for awhile.
    Her husband was on her health insurance policy. She just lost her policy due to recent changes in the state of MA.
    He had been on medication for a long time for severe back pain from a car accident years ago. I suspect he was also taking meds for depression. His disability wouldn't pay for his meds.
    She was in the process of getting private Blue Cross, and it wouldn't take effect for a couple of months. He came home with a gun two weeks ago, went out into the woods in the backyard and shot himself to death.
    She didn't know how desperate he was. He was good at holding things in.
    They didn't seem to be aware that there might be state mental health services available in the city they live in that would have been free until he could pay on a sliding scale.

    This reminds me of how Madwolf says that no person should have to go without medication for their pain.

    This is a crime.
  2. garyandkim

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    if your machine is able to by pushing the button on the key board that says print screen or just click on your print for the who thread.

    Hope this helps some, Kim and Gary

    It is so inhumain to keep one from the meds they need. I know we put pills away just incase something happens. After a few months we always use the ones we held on to and put newer ones in. We also started to get meds 3mos at a time so since you can order a week or two early this way we now have 2 months extra. It took about a year to get to this point but, with all the terror warnings we want to make sure that we have enough to make it for 3 months if needed.

    No one should have to suffer so that they give up. Life is so presious and we all must try and prepare.

    Good luck and all take care, Kim and Gary
  3. coyote

    coyote New Member

    I am so angry about this now.
    You can't help but thinking "if i had known, if they had called, I would have paid for the meds, and so would any of us", and so on. But there's nothing that can be done now.
    WE live in a world where we're supposed to live up to an artificial standard and if we can't, we're supposed to feel inferior.....what garbage. And it's so hard to ask for help.

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    I hope no one here ever gets this bad off. There is always something that can be done or someone who will help.

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  4. BraidieBunch

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    I get so frustrated when I hear these is NOT supposed to be this way. Doctors can be a blessing. But sometimes they take on the position of God. Withholding meds for whatever reason is cruel....I am very Blessed with a family practitioner who's wife suffers from fb and CFS. He lives with it. He knows that some days we just have to self prescribe. Maybe we don't need the Zanaflex, or maybe we don't need it at all. But then again, I am very aware of the habit forming possibilities and abusers. My Pdoc and I joke about my"cocktail" but it makes my life liveable. I did not choose to live this way. I fight everyday on a mission to a healthier body. Minerals, vitamins and medications are just part of that healing. God, excercise and laughter fill in the rest.

    Peace, Love and Chicken Grease
  5. PatPalmer

    PatPalmer New Member

    This is such a sad post, how awful for your friend coyote, she must be going through absolute hell...

    Gary & Kim, you will need to COPY and paste, it won`t cut unless it`s your writing, and to cut will delete whatever you highlight from the page..

    Love Pat.
  6. Princessraye

    Princessraye New Member

    I hold back some pain medicine just in case I get cut off, like Gary and Kim said. It's a really sad thing.

    The ladies husband was good at holding it in..........I think a lot of us are that way .
    At least we can come here and not hold it in. Yes some will chastise us for being negative but we will also get lots of support from others on this board.

    I will be praying for this lady.
    It would be great if people this has happened to could form a group and go talk to Congress or the AMA or someone.