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Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by DVoit, Aug 23, 2005.

  1. DVoit

    DVoit New Member

    HI all. I told you I got denied on my first try for ssd. I got the papers to appeal but my therapist who I have seen off and on, mostly on, for the past 14 years thinks I shouldn't appeal. She says that she agrees with what they said. That made me so mad. They said they think even though I feel bad that I could still work. That I can stil dress, eat, drive, etc. Her thinking is that if I appeal with the same information, I will surely get turned down. That maybe it would be better to let it go for now but if I get worse I should apply again in six months or so.

    Any thoughts?

    Have any of you that get SSD gotten it solely on FMS? I have other illnesses but nothing that, in itself, would prevent me from working. I only have a little or a week to appeal if I am going to. Thanks for your imput in advance.

    BLUEROSE7 New Member

    I am so sorry you were Denied. But please dong give up!! Appeal Appeal Appeal!!!!!!!!

    And you may want to look into seeing another therapist...One who will support your claim!!

    You know your body and what your able and not able to do. If you know yourself your not able to continue working then you need to appeal. This therapist is not in your body and has know idea truely what you go through.

    My Disability was approved on several of my medical conditons including FMS, Depression and severe Anxiety...

    My threapist and reg md played a huge part in me obtaining my benefits by writing letters on my behalf...I won at the Reconsideration stage without a lawyer!

    You can turn in more info...if you have not already you can turn in Letters from your family and friends, doctors writing letters on your behalf, pharmacy records, any records that you see SS did not get in the first place if that may be the case, write your congersman & sentor...alot of things can be done..

    Look over any mis-spelling..I seem to be in Fog today...

    Check out my post "For those of us Applying/Fighting for Disability" alot of good info through out that post!!

    Do not give up and please think about seeing a therapist who will support your claim!!

    Please Dont give-up Donna if you know you are truely not able to work!!

    Good Luck
  3. Rose_Red

    Rose_Red New Member

    Hi Donna,

    I totally get how you feel.

    The first thing you need to do is get rid of your therapist! If she won't support your claim - find one that will. if your doctors won't support you they'll tell Social Security that you're not disabled. You're entitled to see your records. I would look at the medical report your therapist filled out for SSA.

    One thing you should realize is that this appeals process is a game SSA plays. If you can afford to not work for 18-24 months then you must be disabled. Almost everyone gets denied the first time. Getting denied the 2nd time is pretty automatic. Expect it. Fill out your paperwork anyway. It's the only way to do it.

    I recieved SSA for FMS in 1999. I was the first one to get it without a lawyer in PA. I also did my Godfathers SSA paperwork. He was dying from cancer, on chemo and given less than 6 months to live and he got the same denial letter that you did.

    One of two things will happen for the 3rd try. You'll either go to court and get to present the Administrative Court Judge with your medical records. These judges are usually really nice, understanding human beings. It's the so called expert that testifies that you can work. Red tape mumbo-jumbo.

    The other thing that could happen is that a few months before you're scheduled to go to court you'll get an offer for a settlement. It'll only go back a little bit instead of all the way back to the onset of illness. That could mean the difference between a $20,000 back check or a $2,000 back check. A lot of people will take the settlement out of fear that they wil get denied if they don't. That's only a decision that you can make.

    Remember that you have to be disabled for 24 months before you are eligible for Medicare. Here's an example:

    I went to court and was approved in 10/99. The judge dated the onset of illness as 10/97. I had Medicare when I walked out of the courtroom. The actual date of diagnosis was 4/97 but you are eligible for State disability for the 1st 6 months. I didn't know that then.

    One more word about your back check. You are entitled to every single penny of it! You were sick the entire time and should be compensated for it. This is why we pay disability ins., FICA, etc. out of our paychecks.

    Fill out your paperwork - there's a time limit on it and go find a new therapist. It's OK to interview them.

    Good Luck,
  4. 69mach1

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    please follow the above advice, i had my docotr put in something about not being disabled inthe chart, my attoorney called up and talked to her then she wrote out a letter to the ssdi.

    evenuually i did prevail. but a long process it took almost 3 years from the start to actually receive my first check. but now my case is clsoed so i am starting from square one as you are.

    i expect probably a denial then i will contact my attorny to look over my paperwork and help with filing papers out.

    bluerose has great info on this topic. i wished i new about the first time i filed. and yes it would be nice to have a supportive dr. but i still prevailed here in cali. my doctor just rote up that i had fibro and other things. it helped. but she wasn't the most suportive.

    as i stated couple of weeks ago she told me to go home and committ suicide and get a gun and get over with. because she knows a lot of people with fibromyalgia that still work.

    well that's a whole other topic.

    so i insist you file those papers again w/no regards to what that doctor said and take blue rose's advice please

    best of luck we are behind you


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