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    Woman's clinic death was suicide
    A coroner has recorded a verdict of suicide in the case of a woman who flew to a Swiss clinic to end her life.

    Nicola McNougher, 43, from Barnt Green, Worcestershire, had suffered with medical conditions for many years, the county's coroner's court heard.

    These included severe cystitis and kidney problems. She was also found to be suffering from ME in the 1990s.

    "My life has become an inhumane existence," she said in a statement written while she was in Switzerland.

    The statement said: "Even voices create pain, including the voices of my own children. I simply do not wish to exist."

    Coroner Geraint Williams said he had read out the 43-year-old's statement because he wanted her voice to be heard.

    Ms McNougher, who left two teenage children, had worked as a teacher and a psychologist.

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    Nicola's last act was too leave her body to the medical research community in the hope that it might benefit the rest of us struggling with this devastating illness.
    Am I the only person reading this and shedding a tear ? Imagine telling her children that what their mother had was 'all in her head' and that she was amongst the 'least deserving sick'.

    RIP Nicola
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    This is such a sad situation. I wonder how many more have taken this way that we don't hear about?

    Sadly poor medical help has made this a choice many have taken.

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