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    Daaaughter is getting amarried and I have nothing to weat to the wedding and NO money to pay for it any way. I am stressed overe the m iddle one s nes job that willonce again take her far from home and I Praytaht that will be happy, I told her that everythtome sheleaaves home it all feeslike thefirst time she left home and it stil hurt sna d I was told to gtow up ,
    I want this daughter to have a hapy wedding and hhray the this man she is on love will is the one to keep her hap py and make her feel like she is the most beautifull woman in the world and will love her for ever.

    I have nothing to wear and the stress is getting worse and i have a stomach ache and can't sleep and am stressing and worried and I can't make this go away now.
    My oair needs to be cut and highlighited and I have no money for that either I should set up a hhope this family make the brides wedding wondererfulll andpanhandle fo the money LOL I want my daughters to be nice adn like each other and all that kind of stuff and I want the #1 SIL to shut his month and not say an ything to this SILS as ist is nothis wedding and I would like him to be there and not say a word to anyone. I need this dress , hair cut and new sho wes to wear and then I need the moeney to hope the daughter give a shower to my daughter and a bachlorette party too anad she has NO money either I know DON'T SWEAT THE SMALL STUFF AND THIS IN NOT SMALL BUT BIG AND WE DON'T haveTHE MONEY FOR IT LIKEWE DID WITH THE LAST ONE.

    Sorry for whinning and being a baby about this I should know better that whine about this and causing everyone to be up set and worried about money
    this cause i can't change it . Sorry for wasting your time tonight Rosemarie
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    I am so sorry you are so stressed out about this. It will all work out. Have you tried any of your local community colleges for getting your hair done. Their cosmotology classes sometimes offer discounted hair cutting and coloring. I know when I am broke I have gone to our college locally and they do a great job and only maybe charge 1/2 of what I would be paying at a salon. As far as finding something to wear. I go to the goodwill almost every day. If you take your time and look you will be able to find something really nice for the wedding. I have purchased almost all of my clothes this way. I am a large size girl and I am still able to find clothes for me and my kids this way. Try any of your local thrift stores if you don't have a goodwill.
    Also ask your friends or family if they have something you could wear. I have several friends that are close to my size. We just swap clothes back and forth.
    If you need to color your hair go and get a home kit from the grocery store. I color my hair inbetween going to the college. This works in a pinch.
    The most important thing is to be there for your daughter and that in itself will make it a special day for her. It will all work out. Let go and let God work it out. I do that alot! LOL

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