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  1. blkkat

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    Hi everyone , i go on FM board most times but s-Elaine said i should come check out this site ,so im here --hi.

    well im sad but happy. my 19 year old son is moving out on his own tomorrow at 11;30 am , that's when he gets his keys to his apt.

    my baby is leaving ,as i write this im crying but also happy for him. hes such a good son. just needed to share that with someone. anyone relate, id love to hear it could help me get through this. thanks

  2. hugs4evry1

    hugs4evry1 New Member

    I know you're sad now, but you'd be surprised at how easy it is to get used to the kids not being around anymore. Easiest transition in the world if you remember that this is how it's 'supposed' to be....

    And he's growing up've done well!


    Nancy B
  3. Rosiebud

    Rosiebud New Member

    Empty Nest Syndrome - when my boy moved out a few years back, I felt so empty, my daughter had already left, being 5 years older than him.

    We had him back briefly at the beginning of this year and to tell the truth I was glad to see him go this time.......coming back home after being gone a few years never works....not that we didn't get along, I was just used to the peace and quiet.

    As long as your son keeps in touch, you'll be fine, you'll get used to it.


  4. biddys2007

    biddys2007 New Member

    i know how you feel. we have 3 children and lived in pa.,when we left our sons were old enough to stay there at their jobs. our daughter had to come since she was still in her teens. she moved out a couple of times and then moved back,finally 4 years ago she moved out on her own. i was lost the only good thing was i was working that helped me through it. she doesn't live far but with her work and going back to school we don't see her very often but talk to her everyday. i agree it does get easier and yes when they come back even for a visit sometimes it is nice when they leave. i will always love my daughter and sons but it is good to see them grow and find their own way in life,makes us feel like we did a good job. take care and hang in there. biddy
  5. sisland

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    The Chit-chat board! omg~~Yes I know what your going through!,,,,,,3 Daughters all grown up and flown the Nest!,,,,,Lol,,,,I Know not Funny!,,,,,,,,As Time goes By you will be Glad to have Him come home for a visit,,,,,,,,,But also as mentioned above,,,,,Happy to see him go home to his own place,,,,,Because you love the Freedom and Peace and Quiet!,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

    Although you Mention that he is a (Good Boy),,,,,so it might be hard for awhile!,,,,,,,,,,,I'm sure he will over often to visit Mom!,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,He won't be far away!,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,Hugs!,,,,,Sis,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,P.S. We kinda live Close By! i'm in Montana!,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,So Go "Seahawks" And Go "Grizzlies!"
  6. Khalyal

    Khalyal New Member

    My son just recently moved out too, but I can't really tell. His laundry still shows up here on a regular basis. lol!

  7. blkkat

    blkkat New Member

    Thank you for all your nice and caring posts .

    well its been 3 days now hes been gone , were trying to sell our house so he came today and did some extra cleaning for me,
    plus he went shopping in the pantry, hee hee momma has FOOD!!!lol!! smile smile plus i just had to slip him a 20.00 .couldn't help myself. i know softy.

    but if we move due to i need a one level it will be farther for him, but hope to see him 2 x month , he called tonight to say goodnite.
    no we still have our 14 year old still here , and that is a fun age isnt for girls, im payin for my raisin as my mom reminds me so very often!! thank you!! lol !!! BLKAT
  8. blkkat

    blkkat New Member

    elaine ,thankyou .
    you all are v- nice.

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