Safe, canned cat food from supermarket, anyone?

Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by mezombie, Apr 30, 2007.

  1. mezombie

    mezombie Member

    One of my cats had pancreatitis at one point (fully recovered), and I need to be careful about what I feed her. I was told it would be best to give her canned food that has only one source of protein as well as rice (helps with digestion for kitties with sensitive tummies). I found a brand, but now it's been pulled (even tough it's not part of the recall. She also gets dry food (Iams).

    I'm housebound and live on disabiity. I was hoping I could find something decent sold through my local supermarket as I get all my food, etc. delivered through an on-line service they have. The delivery fees are very reasonable.

    Any ideas?
  2. dononagin

    dononagin New Member

    ugh.. be careful - I lost my cat to recall food and they are still recalling more brands. You may want to try making your own for a while - Buy bulk chicken and cook it down with rice... There are recipes on line for home-made pet food you may want to look at.

    I know I'm not giving my dogs any more soft food since losing my cat. We are mixing chicken and rice and beef and rice with some vegetables to give them as a treat with thier dry food.

    Scary right now to trust whats on the market. Good luck!

  3. mezombie

    mezombie Member

    Thanks, Dononagin.

    My condolences on the loss of your pet. I lost one at age four due to a heart condition. It's just so terribly sad...

    Thanks for your suggestion. One of my cats threw up the dried food I have her this morning. I mixed up some canned chicken with rice and she seems OK right now (although I'm definitely keeping an eye on her!). I think she may have eaten too fast, and still is expecting a little wet food in the am.

    I'm buying Iams dry food for now. I hope that's OK. They do have a brand called "One Earth" that is supposed to be "natural", but I can't find a list of the ingredients anywhere, and I've searched the web!

    I'm also ordering more cans of chicken, ground chicken and beef, and jars of baby food (vegetables) that I hope to combine into "cat food".

    In the meantime, I'm living on oh-so-healthy Ensure and frozen dinners, LOL! (Too dizzy and weak to handle making a meal right now).
  4. Marta608

    Marta608 Member

    When my old cat was found to be allergic to chicken and fish, one vet said he'd have to be put down. Fortunately I found a good vet and for last two years of his long life I home-cooked Oliver's food. This is the recipe - and it's really not that much more expensive than a good canned cat food, except it takes more energy and I know you're working through a crash. :>(

    I was told to begin by giving the cat cooked, ground turkey (or not ground but ground is cheaper) for one week. Nothing else, just turkey. I didn't think he would eat it but he gobbled it down. I fed him three times a day about a half a cup at a time. It depends on weight, of course.

    After one week, you put together the following proportionately. This is the basic recipe:

    1# cooked ground turkey
    1/3 cup cooked brown rice (white if the cat is allergic)
    1 T. vegetable oil
    1 T. bone meal (health food store)
    1 tsp. taurine (ditto)

    You can also add:
    A jar of Gerber's second foods liver
    Cooked peas and carrots in small amounts although the recipe doesn't call for it.

    Combine all together in a food processor and refrigerate. I heated it slightly in the micro before feeding to take the chill off but I also do that with canned cat food. Silly maybe but I felt better.

    Oliver's coat got thicker and shinier with this diet even though he was 16.

    There's a lot of discussion right now about homemade pet food due to the pet food recall. Some people think cats and dogs should be given raw meat like they would eat in the wild but I don't happen to be one of them. Google Homemade Cat Food and you'll have more ideas than you want. I do know that grains aren't as necessary as protein for cats so you want to prepare accordingly.

    By the way, "feces output" will be less with this diet since there is less that the cat doesn't digest and use. It's normal.

    Check with your vet. I think this diet was first introduced by the Hills Prescription Diet folks for cats with health conditions or allergies like Oliver. It's a start.

    Good luck!
    Marta[This Message was Edited on 04/30/2007]
  5. mezombie

    mezombie Member

    Thanks for your suggestions!

    I did google homemade cat food and was totally overwhelmed! So lending me your recipe is a lifesaver. I kind of figured out the basics, but would have messed up the proportions and not thought of the bone meal and taurine.

    I think my cats will be eating better than I am!
  6. 6cats

    6cats New Member

    Please make sure if you use baby food to get the kind without onion powder in it. Onion powder can be very toxic to cats. Also the one science diet not recalled canned is Science Diet I/D. I got that from my vet and I will bet you can order that online.

  7. Marta608

    Marta608 Member

    Hi again,

    The cooked and food processed food may be frozen up to whatever time you'd freeze turkey. Six months? Probably longer with less nutrative value. Make lots of it and divide it into a-week's-worth containers. You'll need to experiment with this to see how fast your cat goes through it.

    Gerbers 2nd foods are pureed and contain no spices. I also used their turkey in with the homemade mixture. Oliver LOVED baby food but it's pricey. At the shelter they use Gerbers baby food for the very ill cats to get them eating again.

    I thought it was interesting that Friskes who probably make one of the most unhealty foods had no recalls! (Their canned foods have a lot of by-products in them. Code word for intestines and other parts of animals which could contain infected feces) Because I feed Sophie a dab of Fancy Feast morning and night, I emailed them to ask but about their products and the recall but they never responded.

    Nutro on the other hand sends me regular updates about the recall and how it affects their products, if at all. They've been very responsible about this situation.

    Maybe you all know this but I learned that (if you can see it) when you check ingredients on the label, by-products should be waaaaaay down on the list and best not used at all. Nutro doesn't use by-products in their canned food but they did have some things recalled because many pet food manufacturers buy from the same sources. See? Their good followup is working on me!

    I'm debating about the canned food, whether to feed her any of it at all. But making the food is SUCH a chore and the cats do get spoiled. If we got tired (HA) of making their food or unable to do it, they might not go back to canned food. My wonderful vet told me that cats are one of the few species who would actually starve before eating something they don't like!

    But I still love cats. :>)


  8. mezombie

    mezombie Member

    Thanks for all your suggestions!

    Lindyl39--I bought some Fancy Feast, too. Just the flaked tuna. We'll see how it works out. (Oh,oh. Just read the dreaded words "meat by-products" on the label...)

    6cats--Thanks for the warning on spices. I bought two jars of Beechnut Stage 2, one carrots and one peas. Both consist solely of the vegetable and some water.

    Fight4acure--I feed my cats mainly dry food, too. My vet said it's good for their teeth. He did suggest giving them a bit of wet food as well as they need the moisture. So they get maybe a tablespoon as part of their diet. They also have one of those water fountains. They are very, very spoiled!

    Marta608--Oh, you are so right! I can't possibly cook food for them all the time. Luckily, my cats are not fussy eaters. I plan on cooking some ground chicken I bought and mixing it with a batch of brown rice I've already prepared and frozen. I need to get my hands on the taurine, which I've read is an important part of a cat diet. Then maybe I'll add some of the veggies. They'll get that sometimes and canned food at other times.

    I do try to read the loooong list of ingredients on cat food labels. Frankly, other than looking for the obvious (by-products), it all reads like gibberish to me!

    I ended up buying a bag of the supposedly "natural" One Earth dry cat food. They claim there are no artificial ingredients in it.

    I really feel like I'm getting a bit neurotic on this subject!

  9. mezombie

    mezombie Member

    Oh, I definitely laughed at the 9lives! One of my cats will eat anything, and I mean ANYTHING, whether it's food or not. She needs all the lives she can get!

    Yeah, my spoiled furkids have a water fountain instead of a plain old bowl of water. It's basically a bowl shaped contraption, higher at one end where there's a spout. There's a little motor that circulates the water. The water comes out of the spout and runs into the bowl.

    A vet told me it's really important that cats drink a lot of water to make up for the dry food they're eating. So I found this on sale and bought it.

    I have to say it's a bit of a pain in the neck to clean. The motor also isn't as powerful as it could be, so the water basically trickles down. Woohoo. But I do think they drink more water than they did when they had a bowl.

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