Safe Effective way to test for Heavy Metals? (DMPS?)

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by shanwill, Jan 26, 2007.

  1. shanwill

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    Hi there,
    My doctor (a Canadian CFS specialist) wants me to test for heavy metals by doing a DMPS challenge. I have read up abit now and am finding alot of varied info, particularily some docs advising not to, that it is high risk.

    So! Instead of blindly following a doctors advice - which is what gave me this DD in the first place! (several vaccinations at once) I want to make sure to do this the right way.

    Do you know of a SAFE yet EFFECTIVE way to test the amount of heavy metals I may be carrying? I live in South Western Ontario - do you know of a doc that is most reputable to perform?

    Many thanks!
  2. janie056

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    My ex-husband had many tubes of blood taken and that is what they based the screening on. He is now undergoing a series of appointments for a few months for some type of IV drip.
    I am sorry I don't know more about it, but I will ask him and get back to you.

  3. turquoise

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    If this dr. is wanting to give you a DMPS challenge test RUN for the door and don't touch him with a 1,000 ft. pole! There have been too many nightmare stories following this.

    As far as a really safe way to tell before treatment, there really aren't any that are 100% accurate. A dr. who truly understands mercury toxicity would know what to be looking for in your routine bloodwork to point him in that direction. Hair and urine tests MAY be helpful in uncovering an excess, but don't really tell you how significant that may be for you.

    Try googling in Hal Huggins and Andy Cutler to pull up more info. The whole thing, unfortunately, is still so much of a "crap shoot."
  4. deliarose

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    YOu might want to check out DMPSbackfire.. website. Also, the adult metal chelation yahoo group.. which follows Andy Hall Cutler's protocol.

    This group favours a hair test rather than a challenge test.

    Also do a search on this board.. but I think the thign is to proceed cautiously.

    Good luck
  5. deliarose

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  6. swedeboy

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    I think IV's of DMPS are very very risky! However, I have read many good things about oral DMPS. DMPS is only available by prescription, so, many people use DMSA instead because they can get it over-the-counter.

    If it were me and I was high in toxic heavy metals, I would do a low dose gradual chelation with oral DMPS or DMSA. The problem with IV's is that they chelate too much at one time and put unsafe high levels of toxic metals coursing through your blood.

    There is a Yahoo Adult Heavy Metal Group. They have a wealth of info and many follow Dr. Andy Cutler's protocol. I would check out Cutler's website noamalgam dot com and or get his book amlagam illness.

    I think research is the best step to protecting yourself.

    "Baby steps will get us to the same place as big steps"
  7. acer2000

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    Get a hair elements test from Drs data as well as a fractionated urine porphyrins analysis. Toxicity with stuff like lead and mercury causes changes in the porphyrin profile. Andy Cutler has a couple books on metal toxicity that are pretty detailed and useful. He talks about how to interpret the hair test and there are a couple yahoo groups set up for people who are doing treatment based on his protocol. You might as well get the standard blood test and unprovoked urine test as well since they will be likely covered by your insurance. In the case that you show an elevated level in your blood or urine because of a recent or ongoing exposure, you will then have a "smoking gun". Some people have gotten the MELISA test as well. I haven't personally gotten it, but it tests immune reactivity to metals. From what I understand, if you show a strong reactivity to a metal in your body, you are likely to benefit from having it removed. However, its possible to show a strong reactivity and the metal not be your major problem, or to be totally toxic and not show a reactivity, so I'm not sure how helpful it is. If you have money to burn and you are trying to build your case, it'd be worth it though. Of course Andy Cutler says if you don't have amalgams, the best test is a therapeutic trail of a couple chelation rounds. If you start feeling sick, or much better during the round, you know you are effecting something. People who have no toxic issues shouldn't feel any different (better or worse) doing a round of chelation. I'm not sure how realistic that is, seeing as everyone who was born in the past 50 years probably had amalgams at some point in their life and has some built up mercury. So I'm not sure what the threshold is to "cause symptoms" and have it be a confirmation.
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    hey guys,
    thanks so much for the responses. i just was having a funny feeling about doing this test and last time i ignored that feeling i got CFS. my doctor is dr bested in toronto ontario canada. i've only seen her twice but she seems to be the only expert in ontario on CFS. she thinks the vaccinations may have overloaded my system and caused CFS which seems to really fit.

  9. pw7575

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    I have had that funny feeling many a time and ignored it. That ALWAYS turns out bad. I have really got to learn to follow my instincts. I have read a bit about DMPS and found that it does sound dangerous. I don't think it is something I would want to do.

    I would test for it other ways and you can chelate with other things. There are natural ways to chelate too.

    I got CFS while on a vacation. Not sure if I was exposed to something on that vacation that triggered all this but when I was planning the vacation there was something inside me that was saying not to go. I should have listened.

    Then when I went to a CFS specialist 2 years into this illness he prescribed some meds for me. I didn't take them for months because I just had a feeling that I didn't want to. Well I took them cause everyone said I should. It made me soooo sick I almost had to go to the ER and I haven't been quite the same since.

    ALWAYS follow your instincts!!!!!!!

    Good Luck :)

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