"Safe" Movie on Starz on CSD

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by garyandkim, May 17, 2003.

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    Watched a movie tonight called Safe. It is on Chemical Sensativity. Not much info. but, at the end of the credits address, doc and some info given.

    They say the bodies well being effects the minds well being so you must love yourself and have a safe air place to recoup. They have people with different Auto Immune diseases at and only mention Epstein Barr and CFS.

    Just wanted to say it isn't technical but a story that follows one womans life from onset and to docs finding nothing to a DX.

    Hope you are able to watch and pass this on to others to watch! This is our month!

    Kim and Gary
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    Will this be on again? Would love to see it. Thanks
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    post. Went in last Friday. Docs thought I was having a heart attack or embolisum. Luckily not. Just part of all these symtoms and things with FMS they think now.

    The movie was on several times I don't know when again. I am sure that it will be on at some point again so I will keep checking the listings. Hope anyone interested will look to.

    Take care, Kim and Gary
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    I just woke up and it was on, I fall asleep with TV on a lot. It does hit close to home in some parts for me.

    I'll have to Tape it the next time it's on, probably next week or so.

    Thank you for the Heads up on this movie, now if they could just get someone to really Write the True Story, lol..