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Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by jess, Oct 8, 2005.

  1. jess

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    Hi everyone. I just read on Dr. Mercola's site about a study done on fish from supermarkets and even whole foods. They were all contaminated with fairly high levels of mercury. This was especially true for fresh tuna and albacore canned,and swordfish. He recommended fish from vital choice only which has been tested and is safe. He also said you can avoid fish and just use fish oil. There are some mercury free brands. I have been eating vital choice for the past few months. I only eat salmon as it has the lowest levels. Vital choice was tested and there was no mecury or pcb's. I'm not trying to sell vital choice. I only order salmon from them. It's really great, though kind of expensive but worth it. Just wanted to let everyone who may be interested know. Jess
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    I love salmon! Is this Vital Choice brand something that can be purchased in local stores? I'm not one to order something like fresh food over the net or by phone & have it delivered. I'd definitely try it if it could be purchased in stores, though...

  3. jess

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    Vital choice cannot be purchased in stores. I wish it could. It is very well packaged and sent within 2 days on dry ice. We love salmon and it is the best salmon we have ever had.
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    as far as canned fish, i have heard that sardines are very good for you, protein, calcium, efa's, very low in mercury. they are an "acquired taste" for me, but am working on it. Jen
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    My undated fish guide from Physicians for Social Responsibility has sardines in the ‘one or two servings a month’ section, along with salmon (especially farmed) due to possible contamination with PCBs and other pollutants. I like them both, so have had to cut down.
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    Is there a protein source that isn't contaminated to the gills? Too bad there's no such thing as an organic fish! I may have to raise some in my bath tub!
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    Hey Jess! There is a grocery store around here called Ukrop's. It has very good selection in fish and has it's own herd of cattle that are grain fed, everything is monitored by the store.

    Hubby will buy fresh fish from them and a lot of times meat and poultry. You know, I'm just not going to worry about it much anymore. I do like salmon, but I like tuna a lot and will eat that too.

    This store is well known around here and number 1 in grocery stores. Some have pharmacies and banks, etc.

    I really like fish the best, though. I just try to moderate my protein foods.

    I've never heard of Vita Choice, though.

    Shannonsparkles, if you raised the fish in your tub, they would be pets and you wouldn't end up eating them.

    Jen, I used to eat sardines when I was a young girl, but I just couldn't deal with it now.

    Can't even eat much soy or tofu anymore because of my hypothyroidism. ;(