safety on boards and live chat

Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by bigmama2, Jan 26, 2008.

  1. bigmama2

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    i have read the recent posts about this topic. and i just figured out what the "fishy" scenario was. i was surprised to learn that someone here was not being honest.

    but all the reminders on the other thread are good. it is a very safe site, but we still should take precautions and not post personal info (names, addresses, email, phone #, etc etc).

    i only had one "fishy" experience on here since ive been a member. (a year and a half) on live chat, a person wanted to meet me, and seemed obsessed with me. it made me and the other people on live chat very uncomfortable. i kept firmly but politely declining her (his?) invitations to meet in person. after several days it blew over. havent seen that persons name in a long time.

    so, have fun, but just remember to be careful!

  2. Pottersclay

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    You can usually tell a persons character by their posts. If the squirrely ones post long enough their true colors will show through.

    A few fruit loops sure makes the world real colorful aye!(shaking my head)

    I have some friends who always remind me to be careful on the internet. One is like a second mom to me. She hates the internet and always worries about me when I mention the world wide web. Of course we don't even have to go on the internet to meet the fruit loops. I have crossed paths with some real doozies in my time.(shudder)