sage medical labs real or hoax?

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    is the testing done by dr. daniel dantini real or a money making scam? my doctor ordered the info and showed me were it was printed in the booklet that if he would test 2 patients a month he could make $50,000 more per month. this doctor i went to is a MD and a PHD in immunology. he said the science was just not there. anyone had sucess?
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    Dr Dantini is my FM Dr and I had my delayed food allergy testing done through Sage Med Lab. I live in PA and the Dr is in FL. He does phone consults. I am an RN, and I can tell you that everything he has said and done for me is legitimate. I feel alot better when I am following my elimination diet. I am also taking Famvir and some supplements. Through this testing and elimination diet, I have discovered that sugar and corn syrup/high fructose corn syrup especially worsen my pain, stiffness, soreness and itchy skin. It's been very interesting to find out, through the diet, what each sensitive food does to me.

    There are other labs that also do this kind of testing. They vary as to how many foods they test you for. Obviously, alot of Dr's don't understand or know about this testing. It has been life changing for me. I don't care how much money the Dr is making as long as I'm finally feeling better after having FM for 20 years. Most Dr's only medicate you for your symptoms. Dr Dantini is interested in getting to the root cause of your problems. If I remember correctly, the cost of my delayed food allergy testing was about $1600. My insurance covered all of it except my deductible and copay.

    Dr Dantini also ordered viral testing for me. I had all my bloodwork done at my local hospital. The viral testing was done at Mayo Clinic and results sent to my Dr. Then he determined that the best antiviral for me is Famvir.

    Hope this helps a little. Good luck.
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    I just wanted to share my experience with Sage Medical Laboratories, in case it helps anyone else out. I did the delayed food allergy testing through Sage and it came back saying I was supposedly allergic to 23 different things – many of them very common things (milk &amp; milk products, wheat, corn, gluten, soy, egg) and some of them things I never eat (such as saccharine, aspartame, and codfish). I strictly followed the 6 week total elimination diet, and had some improvement. However, it didn’t totally solve my issue (reflux). At the end of the 6 weeks, I didn’t strictly follow their method of reintroducing foods, though certain foods (milk and wheat) I continued to avoid. Six months later – frustrated that my root problem still persisted – I decided to redo the test to see if there was something new that I was allergic to that was causing the trouble.&lt;BR&gt;
    When I got that second test back, I realized that the supposed “science” behind this testing simply isn’t there. My new test showed that I supposedly had 26 allergies, but only ELEVEN of them were the ones on the last test! Somehow I was magically not allergic to TWELVE items, and suddenly allergic to FIFTEEN new items. Most telling, some of the new allergies were things that I hadn’t consumed in the last year (if ever) – such as crab and lobster! I contacted Sage to express how upset I was about the dramatically different results. They blamed the new allergies on the fact that I did not strictly follow the reintroduction instructions. When I pressed as to how that could possibly cause a new allergy to a food I haven’t consumed, the doctor admitted that the test isn’t perfect and can have “some” false positives. Nevertheless, they stand by their test and refused to refund my wasted money for the second test.&lt;BR&gt;
    I want to be clear that I don’t think the people at Sage are “evil” or just out to take your money. They were actually quite nice and the doctor spent a lot of time with me on the phone trying to justify their test. However, I just think that the science is just not solid enough, especially considering the high cost of the test and the even higher personal cost of trying to eliminate such a high number of things from your diet – many of which are probably perfectly safe for you to eat. You would be better off just trying to eliminate the most common triggers (such as milk, gluten, soy, egg and corn) for a few weeks and see if that makes you feel better. I didn’t ask, but I suspect that a high percentage of the Sage test results tell people they are allergic to some or all of those five items anyway). I hope this is helpful!&lt;BR&gt;
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    You've posted this same message at least three times now! The original posts go back several years.
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