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  1. saintrose

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    Has anyone had any problem with breaking out into severe sweats? I may be beginning menopause, but for some reason I thinks it's related to the fibromyalgia. I kept getting recurrent sinus infections and went on antibiotics for over a month. I did the probiotic thing but then started breaking out every day, at least several times a day, in embarrassing sweats, and sometimes chills.
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    Are your sweats at night? Or during the day as well? I have night sweats sometimes and it's so bad I have to change my nightgown. I don't have them during the day, but my friend does, she is going through menopause. She turns beet red and keeps a fan at work. I wonder about the chills, though, that doesn't sound like the change. There are so many fibro symptoms, this could very well be one of them.
  3. saintrose

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    My sweats are during the day and night. I just finally got my doctor to put me on an anti-fungal - fluconazole - and I wondered if it was some kind of yeast die-off reaction; however I am ready for the change so it complicates figuring out what caused it. Anyway - My ob/gyn had me take blood tests and she said she will be able to tell. - I will say this: I could hardly walk, my knees were so bad, and I started really following the regimens given by several doctors and I feel 70% better. I don't know if the fluconazole had anything to do with it. My husband is into selling xango and he challenged me to drink one bottle a day, which I have been doing. I got a book by Dr. Jonathan Forester that's good.