saline breast implants and fibromyalgia

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    I have had saline breast implants for about 10 years. I have been sick for over 7. I was wondering if anyone has had the same experience and if they took them out did they get better.
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  2. 69mach1

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    i had the fm way before the implants...feel th same crappy...

  3. caroleye

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    We were talking about this about a month ago. I had saline ones inserted in l970. By 1972, I began having inflammatory conditions; one after another.

    Had them removed in 1995, no change; probably because I'd had them in so long. Became disabled in 1985.

    Been healthy prior to having them.

  4. julieisfree05

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    My FM/CFS specialist practices in Beverly Hills and sees hundreds of women who have developed these illnesses after breast implants.

    It's important to remember that although the implants are FILLED with saline, the actual implants that CONTAIN the saline are made from silicone and/or other substances!

    Any breakdown of the actual implant can release toxins into your body, and it has been pretty well established that toxic exposure can trigger these illnesses.

    My doctor has found that once the illness is triggered, removing the implants may prevent further problems, but it rarely (if ever) causes the illness to disappear.

    I'm sorry I can't report better news..

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