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Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by Jennyflower33, May 20, 2006.

  1. Jennyflower33

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    I had a salive test done with my nutritionist:

    730am - 25.2 (12-22)
    11.00am - 7.3 (4-8)
    16.00 - 14.3 (3-7)
    23.00PM - 9.4 (1-3)


    am: 2.49 (0.5-1.0)
    pm: 2.76 (0.5-1.0)

    Secretory SIgA level:

    395.8 (102 - 471) - this is high which indicates an immune response to stimulation by infections and inflammatory reactions....

    the dhea and cortisol makes me think mayb i have a pituitary problem? mayb i shud tell my endoc about this saliva test...but ive rang her so much she's very pissed off with me...and this might offend her that ive had this test done thru a nutritionist!

    also i didnt have a full thyroid profile with my endocrinologist...i just had this:

    serum TSH = 2.22 (0.4 - 4.0)
    serum free T4 = 21.8 (12-24)

    the endoc sent me home saying nowt wrong, even tho my insulin levels are abnormally high only when ive eaten...and i dont even know if she tested all my hornmones? i just had a test for addisons! thats it!
  2. Jennyflower33

    Jennyflower33 New Member

    also for the past two months my periods have come earlier and are heavier...last one was 3 days early and one before that was 5 days early.....very very unusual for always bang on every 28 days and have never been early....

    what hormone would affect periods?
  3. Jennyflower33

    Jennyflower33 New Member

    ok im gettign confused.....ive done some research and cortisol levels r supposed to b low in CFS people.....mine are too high? i dont get it.....i still wonder whether this is CFS....what if the docs have missed something?
  4. KMD90603

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    Just as with all other research that's been conducted, nothing is set in stone. So, while some may speculate that cortisol levels are low in people with CFS, I'm sure there are many people with CFS who have normal or high cortisol levels.

    Years ago, I had my cortisol levels checked, and it turned out high. I haven't had it checked since then. Oh well.

    Anyway, try not to stress yourself out over it too much. I believe cortisol levels can be high due to stress...physical or emotional.

    Gentle healing hugs,

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