Salivary glands acting up again..

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by nanna4550, Oct 9, 2006.

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    Is this a FM symptom? I have had stones before and the associative infection, but my glands seem to be partially obstructed in that when I eat something I have to push on my cheek to get the saliva to flow.

    It hurts when the gland is full but it won't work on it's own. I think I'm going to have to go to an oral surgeon to have the ductwork enlarged or something.

    Has anyone had this kind of proceedure??

    This problem is getting very uncomfortable.
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  3. Anne_at_FibroFix

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    it can get stalled. check your saliva pH. 7.4 is ideal for all to flow correctly. lower numbers mean to acidy.

    health food stores locally probably have the little roll of test paper in a dispenser. quick, easy and cheap to do.

    over acidity can cause the clear fluids to stall all over the body, too.
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    My left side if fuller than the right, altho the right is filling. My dentist x-rayed them and yo could see the tiny stones on either end. I have not had any treatment, he did say I could have a lipotrispy type treatment done.

    I wondered why my mouth is so dry. You've given me a clue!!

    Have you seen the oral surgeon? What did he/she have to say?



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    Everytime I eat something that is somewhat sour, or not, I can feel the right gland draining, by by ear. It is weird! I also have this other weird feeling at the back of my tongue, like glue is on it, or something is stuck! Don't ask why!!! It just does! LOL
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    The glands seem to be doing ok now. Go figure. I started drinking more water and sucking on lemon drops and chewing gum to make them work steadily. I'll have to check out the acidity issue, to see if it happens again.
    Thanks for the input everyone. Nanna
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    I have had this disease for 9 yrs now, it's progressive. I never used to have salivary or parotid gland problems, now I do all the time. I have to use hot compresses, & sometimes antibiotics to get rid of any infection. Once infection sets in, the pain can be excrutiating in the jawline, in & around the ears, & the face can swell where you get the mumps. I haven't actually had stones that I'm aware of, but I plan on seeing my ENT doctor, because my neck has been hurting, along w/ sides of face & jaw. Feels different this time. A good rheumy can diagnose it for you, also an opthalmologist to test for dry eyes (the severity), & the dentist for dental caries from dryness. Do you have dry sinuses, nose, eyes & mouth? What about joint pain, extreme fatigue? Just a thought, since it is a progressive disease. Good luck w/ everything! HUGS...
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    I told my primary care doc about the salivary gland issue, which of course is still there. She referred me to an ear nose and throat specialist, so I guess I'll find out what to do about it. I'll let you know what they say.. thanks, Nanna