Sally Field and Osteoporosis

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    Sally Field Wants To Increase Awareness of Osteoporosis
    Sally Field has helped kick off a public awareness campaign about osteoporosis after being diagnosed with the disease last year. The actress wants to encourage people to learn about the disease, particularly older women who are the highest risk group.

    Field, 59, says, "I stopped thinking of myself as young and as vital as I felt. I've been so vigorous in my work, there's a good chance I could have done a role where I had to do something, and I could have broken my back in the work. It infuriates me that these women have to go into the workplace when they don't feel well. They're already working for less money. Don't get me started."

    Osteoporosis causes low bone mass and deterioration of the bones, leading to fractures of the hips, spines and wrists.

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    This Condition is a Co-exixiting one for a lot of us, who have these Syndroms, I am hoping that her speaking up, for awareness will also help , in some way, to shed light on ours too.

    How may of you have this Osteoporosis?
    I just recently did my Bone Density test, and so far so good, I am losing some bone mass, but not as much as some, so far, not problems, but I am more careful these days,.
    Since I do fall alot. I always worry about this.

    About Cher, I would eat my Hat, if she ever came forward about any Condition she had.
    Her sister, gave up her career to take care of Cher, they had moved to Co. at the time, , early 80's because they thought it would help her Health.

    Two famous Women, (my age) and very Different view's on their condition's. One hides it, and the other, is an Advocate.

    I always Loved Sally, after all , she did make a Movie, about us Surfer Girls, lol, :eek:)

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    Is a great woman. She has spoken up about a lot of things, esp. the poor. I like her too as she is one of the hollywood crowd that does not have to look 23 to feel good.

    Love Anne C

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