Salt and Vita C for Victoria

Discussion in 'Lyme Disease Archives' started by jarjar, Jun 6, 2006.

  1. jarjar

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    Asked my doc yesterday about Salt and C. He said that he has had 11 patients work with it. 9 have had improvement and 5 of them have had dramatic improvement. I asked him if it was okay to continue following my abx protocol and he said sure.
    Best of my knowledge it was you who asked me this question.

  2. victoria

    victoria New Member

    so he is saying he thinks it is OK for you to do abx plus the Salt & C protocols together???


  3. jarjar

    jarjar New Member

    He said I could go ahead and do my antibiotics and add in the Salt and C. I liked his results when you think about it, out of 11 people 9 getting better and 5 of those had dramatic improvement.

    You need to get started on it! I will start working with it when things settle down.

  4. victoria

    victoria New Member

    I'm not sure how it would work on me while doing the marshall protocol... and have too much time invested to quit at this point; anyway I've had progress on it and no drawbacks.

    but I am thinking about my son as he has had little progress with the regular ongoing treatment...

    and my husband is interested in trying it as well as he definitely has signs, yet is high-functioning comparatively. Certainly would be a cheap thing to try at least!

    Thanks... let me know when you start and how you do?


  5. jarjar

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    When I was on the MP I was taking extra sea salt to offset the benicar low blood pressure deal. I had got the suggestion from lonestartick mom, she is the most prominant success story on the MP board with lyme.
    But I know the Mp board is do it my way or the highway. Thats why many docs are doing their own form of it.

    If you are herxing nicely as I did when I was on it you might not want to add something that would increase herxing tho.

  6. victoria

    victoria New Member

    as well as my experience... herxing according to the book so far...
    definitely don't want to increase it/make it worse!

    I found that after a few weeks I seemed to acclimate to the benicar even tho my BP was on low side to start with even with added salt prior to MP -

    -- many years ago I added salt for that reason, used to be on low to no salt diet since that was supposed to be 'healthy' for everyone, LOL, and often got dizzier then than on the benicar.


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  7. jarjar

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    You really might consider salt and C for the others in your family. I was reading the salt and C board on yahoo and many are taking it with abx. Salt and C are nutrients and nothing more. They did say and common sense tells you this.....Lower your dose of salt and c when you start herxing too much while on abx.

  8. victoria

    victoria New Member

    Thought you and others might be insterested in an update.

    and I posted some of this elsewhere (on post about Nicolson):

    My son stopped the Levaquin last Monday as he seemed to be getting bad side effects suddenly (no damage done tho). (He felt like his muscles and tendons were pulsing all over, esp in his arms/hands, altho he couldn't visibly see it happening; lasted for 2 hours.)

    Clinic told him to go off it until yesterday and then try it again to see if same reaction happens.

    He decided to try the Salt/C since last Wed, and, interestingly, he seems to be herxing with same symptoms as he has with abx, also feels it cognitively/mentally. He was doing 8 G salt/C, is going to try to go up a bit on it today.

    He elected to not retry the Levaquin yesterday, as he is too scared to (I'd told him what to watch out for prior to his reaction... he had taken it for a total of 5 weeks before that happened). As his app't is this Thursday at the clinic ... we'll see what they say and where he goes from here.

    Also my DH is doing Salt/C, altho not every day as I thought one was supposed to... he is doing 8 grams each, is getting diarrhea and some fatigue when he does do it.

    So I'm curious, how are you doing? - still doing the salt/C as well as the abx?

    all the best,