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    I found this protocol after reading about a lady who nearly died from Lyme in my local newspaper. Although I haven't tried it or know anyone else who has tried it, this lady had great success with this program. So I thought I would put the information on this board, so that others will know.
    Apparently you take sodium chloride (pure salt) along with vitamin C to kill off the little bugs...see
    Really hideous photos and obviously before embarking upon any treatment, you must consult your doctor.
    Why do we live in a world where no-one tells anyone anything? I am totally stunned that it has taken me nearly 10 years to find appropriate treatments for my illness.
    Much health and best wishes to you all....
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    This group also discusses any an alternative Lyme treatments, as well as conventional ones (like antibiotics). It is the huge group with people with all sorts of extensive experience, and the atmosphere is very good.

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    Hi there,
    DId you see any dosage? I think I have read 1 tsp of sea salt or some REAL salt 3 times per day. I also think it's probably about 5 - 6,000 mgs of Vitamin C per day. Thank you, Debbie
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    Hi Debbie,
    I went onto the website the other day
    and they have posted the dosage there. I take much lower at present But doc said to start off slowly incase you start herxing which was the case with me. I am up to 3.6 grams of each at present and especially around hormone time day 14-25 of cycle, I am really bad. The bacteria also has a 30 day cycle and once you change your body to an alkaline environment, it won't like it.
    Good luck!
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    Just wanted to post that the best salt to use is Himalayan salt if obtainable. It is pink in colour and will get the best results.
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    When I was still very very ill and desperate after treatment, I did the Oil of Oregano. It must be wild and it's not cheap. It's well worth it. I feel much better, energy and all other symptoms are gone. Relapses are milder. I took this product x 3 months faithfully. I started slow; 2 drops with 8 oz of water, then 4 drops a day with 8 oz of water.

    This worked for me, it's not for everyone. One must be seriously careful! I felt I had nothing to lose, I was near death already and getting thinner and thinner, now I eat.

    Good Luck
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    Happy for your improvement! :)

    Oil of Oregano is great. Garlic (allicin) is great too. But you are right, you have to be very careful.

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    Marie, I recommend that you find a professional who does AK (applied kinesiology) to muscle-test to find what products are compatible with your body and in what dosages. This is because there isn't a one-thing-fits-all approach to Lyme.

    Hopefully you find a Kinesiology professional who is advanced to ask the right questions to the body's energy field and that way determine what the body needs next in its process of healing. Healing is like peeling the layers of an onion and it has to be done in a certain order. In my case, as it is with many others, it is not as simple as choosing one remedy or doing one protocal.

    Many of us have nutritional deficiencies that need to be found through testing and corrected.

    My kinesiologist tested me for food sensitivities, so a change in diet is necessary to reduce stress on the body while it is healing.

    It's not a matter of just killing bugs. We have to reduce stressors and build up the body, and when we are balanced (body, mind, and spirit), the body can fight disease.

    Best wishes for your recovery!