Salt sensitivity ?

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    Hi all

    I'm wondering if anyone here has a sensitivity to salt. Approximately 10 years ago I went to an allergist who tested using sublingual methods. One of my major "sensitivities" was to salt. Obviously the human body requires a certain amount of sodium. However, if I do not manage my salt intake very carefully, the end result is basically akin to being intoxicated. Slurred words, inability to think straight or see clearly, dizziness, and then a headache/hangover effect. (in other words I'm a cheap date, just hand me the salt shaker)

    I've never used salt on food. So the salt I'm referring to can be as simple as the amount of sodium in a soda pop, or in a green pepper, etc.

    Has anyone ever heard of this ? Experienced this ? The conundrum comes from the fact that if I am entering a "crash phase" with my CFS, and I eat a salty substance - I do an immediate downward spiral, sleep for 2 days, and then feel a bit better. A bad 2 days, but at times it will actually shorten the length of the sudden onset crash.

    Just curious.

    Thanks :)
    Shannon L.
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    Hi Shannon, I don't have a sensitivity, but I thought I'd bump this up for you...