Salt & Vitamin C Protocol

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  1. Slayadragon

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    Hi All,

    Over time, I have read some negative things about the Salt & Vitamin C protocol for lyme on this board.

    In reading up on this protocol, it seems that it includes about 12 g of Vitamin C and 2-3 teaspoons of salt.

    I find it a little perplexing that this should have a negative effect on people, considering that I already use more than this amount of Vitamin C and at least 1-2 teaspoons of salt in addition to what's naturally in food. (I rarely eat processed foods and so don't get salt that way though.)

    I've not noticed anything negative happening to me as a result of this.

    I'd like to hear more about people's good or bad experiences with this protocol.

    If you've used it, what happened?


    Best, Lisa

    P.S. For those interested, here is a brief summary of the treatment that I found on the web.
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  2. inbetweendays

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    i have been reading about it....i take a lot of c an salt as well--but i don't really know----i am still a bit leary...
  3. jenbooks13

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    Hi Lisa.
    I'm not sure why but in the form of salt (sodium chloride) plus Vit C (ascorbic acid) taken like that not in food, many of us had adverse effects.

    I had incredible kidney aches after 4 days and profound weakness and wooziness that left me practically bedridden for months, completely salt intolerant (I would be overcome with weakness and kidney aches even if I ate anything with salt). I had to go off salt for about a year. I had to stop my IV's as they are in isotonic saline and even though I got my weekly IV 2 days after I'd stopped the salt/c, within about ten minutes I was completely woozy and my heart was pounding.

    I had kidney aches for MONTHS. I had intense cravings for potassium and calcium rich food--I must've drunk gallons of milk in the next few weeks, along with avocadoes up the wazoo.

    I had a metallic taste that was extremely unpleasant for weeks after the 4 days of salt/c, and for about 9 months i had a salt taste in my mouth frequently, even if I just drank water.

    Others have had kidney pain, kidney problems, ankle edema (kidney), lasting kidney issues, heart palpitations, heart arrhythmias. One woman had cardiac problems that lasted 16 months and that was the last I'd heard so it might be permanent. A number of folks got high blood pressure on the salt.

    20% of the population is salt sensitive (those whose blood pressure responds to salt). Im not sure if that's who does so poorly but its a LOT of salt. You need 250 mg a day, biologically. This is 12 grams or 12,000 milligrams. Its way beyond what's healthy.

    And though I do think it can cleanse gut micro organisms, for sure, I don't think it gets into the blood which is tightly regulated. Its your kidneys and heart that take the 'hit' from all the excess salt.

    I would not recommend it to *anybody*. It is too dangerous imo.
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  4. Slayadragon

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    I am sitting here with a bottle of sea salt. It says that 1/4 teaspoon of salt is equal to 1.4 g. This is equal to 22% of the recommended DV of sodium, it says.

    It thus seems that 1 teaspoon is the RDA for sodium, no? And that that would be equal to 6 g of salt.

    I believe that I read once that of the salt that people consume, 1/3 naturally occurs in food, 1/3 is added to processed food, and 1/3 is added at the table or in cooking.

    So if you subtract the amount naturally in food, the RDA suggests about 4 g of salt should/can come from added sodium chloride.

    12 grams would be 3x that much, provided that you're not eating processed foods. (A Big Mac has 1 g in itself, for instance. That could add up.)

    It certainly seems that the Vitamin C & salt protocol causes people problems, since Jen's experience is not the first bad one I've heard here.

    I'm just kind of perplexed how 3x the RDA of table salt could cause people this much harm.

    I'm not sure why adding a lot of vitamin C to the salt could cause the effects to be worse (though I also don't know why the vitamin C would help kill lyme).

    These bad effects certainly don't seem like die-off though.

    I wish I knew why this effect can occur, but at any rate it seems like something to be very cautious about.

    I also do wonder about the idea that consuming more salt would cause the blood to be more salty. It seems like the body would have a self-adapting mechanism for that. On the other hand, the fact that salt can cause edema and increased blood pressure suggest that maybe it does have an effect on the whole body.

    I just ordered a book that includes info on a variety of lyme treatments, including Salt/C. Maybe it will illuminate the matter.

    Anyway, it's not my goal to use this protocol to kill lyme. I just seem to be "on it" accidentally already, due to using salt to increase my blood pressure and Vitamin C for detoxifcation and immune support.

    Definitely weird....

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  5. Gosia

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    Hi Lisa

    The reason I started to taking salt was because I was very low on sodium ( minerals test). The first day was terrible, I was very tied and dizzy. But I also notice funny taste in my mouth. Familiar taste to when I was taking Candidase.
    I realized I'm killing Candida. When you kill the yeast, heavy metals like mercury are released. If you don't catch it with DMSA or others, it will come back and in to your digestive system (colon) and Candida will grow again. Crazy cycle. Maybe this is the reason why people have such a bad expirience with salt.

  6. mylilcherub428

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    Do you really take more than 12grams of vit c??? usually it comes in millagrams I think mostly 500 or 1000 12 grams sounds like alot just wondering if you really take that much because I read some study online that high doses of vit C can help releive pain don't remember how much vit C

    Was just wondering if u were taking that much if it helped-Kim
  7. jenbooks13

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    If you bought Bryan Rosner's book take it with a grain of salt. It has as much good information as bad. For instance the Marshall Protocol has really had extremely bad effects on some folks----near kidney failure, triggering diabetes etc.

    Not that some weren't helped by it but Bryan does not include the negatives of any of the protocols he mentions, he's not a scientist, just a layperson, and he incorrectly and without any evidence states that certain modalities turn spirochetes into cysts while others don't.

    As for the salt, I *NEVER* heard that 4 grams was the recommended daily allowance! Do a bit of googling the recommendations across the board are to reduce our salt consumption as its associated with disease.

    You are correct you maintain a strict blood osmolarity, your kidneys will fail trying to keep that rather than let all your cells be damaged by electroyte imbalance. The pseudo science associated with the salt/c protocol is just that. The one thing I can wager is that it may cleanse the gut which is a large portion of our health. There are ayurvedice salt water cleanses for the gut for instance.

    It is a dangerous amount of salt. Also for CFSers in particular some of whom suffer from cardiac decomensation or diastolic dysfunction--quite dangerous.

    I don't know if the acidity of the ascorbic acid potentiates the problem for the kidneys. It may do so by some unknown mechanism such as pH, who knows. I only speculate on that.

    By the way, this is different than the one gram a day some folks take who have CFS/poor blood volume/low adrenal function. But if you read James Wilson's work, a salt cravinig is a masking for poor adrenal function which should be dealt with directly at some point.

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