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    Hi everyone - Nice to get back to the message board. I've just finished reading many messages about drinking salt water. Would appreciate if someone could share the reasons why and how successful this treatment is? Iodine ws also mentioned? I take synthroid for thyroid disease. Don't know if that were interfere? Anything you can share would be appreciated. Thx
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    I have only been doing this a week, but I have grown rather fond of drinking it. I use the sea salt, 1/4 tsp to every quart of water. I mix up the quart and keep it cold and I squeeze a 1/4 of a lemon into my glass with it. It's very refreshing, especially in this summer heat.

    There are lots of reasons for drinking it, but it's supposed to help with NMH (hypotension) which is why I drink it. With the lemon juice added, it seems cleansing and I noticed it acts as an appetite suppressant


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    Just bumped the article for you. Salt is Vital, posted by PatPalmer. Iodine is necessary to avoid Goiter, which is still a problem in the US.
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    Thanks for your reply. I'm not sure what you mean when you say I "bumped" the article to me?? I'm sure you can tell I need to find my way around here a little better.
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    I started the salt water just last week,Thanks for the idea(I think lane??)of adding lemon!!I was'nt happy with the taste of just the salt water~reminds me of alka seltzer!!YUK!
    And Member~bumping just means that your post got to the bottom of the page ready to roll onto page two,so we"bump"it back up to the top!!so more people get a chance to read it~ Hope everyone is feeling less painful today!
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    I "bumped" an article to the front page for you to read. Every time you reply to a post, it gets bumped to the top of the first page.

    The article starts out "Salt is vital..." , it was posted by Pat Palmer. Just look for the name next to the post title. It's about half way down right now.
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    Thanks very much - I printed the article. :)
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    I printed the article and will read it now.