Samento, Cumanda, Burbur Protocal Anyone Tried This??

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  1. Chootik

    Chootik New Member

    Hi Guys.

    Just wondering if anyone here is trying or has tried the above protocal??

    My doc, LLMD put me on this protocal and he said that some other doctor was having a lot of success with this. So far I'm starting with Cumanda (1 drop a day) and I'm suppose to work my way to 22 drops 2x a day! Not sure if I can go that far, since this stuff is strong and it makes me a little dizzy.

    So I was wondering if any of you have tried this? IF so, did you see any benefits... how long have you done it?

    Just trying to see if this is really helping anyone...

    Thanks everyone.

    ANNXYZ New Member

    for something more SPECIFIC in regard to results :
    Has she had any CURES ?

    How long on protocol before results take place ?

    Does she know of other docs who are getting good results ?

    I would want some more info that would compel a person to put faith in this protocol.

    " Having good luck" sounds a little vague .

    Also ask how many patients she has ( total) on this protocol now .
  3. Chootik

    Chootik New Member

    Thanks for the responses.

    Well I've been reading on the message board on CureZone that people were using this, but the problem is that they don't post an update in most cases, so no way of really knowing if it worked for these people, long term and if they got all better on it.

    So far, I'm been having a headache for the last 2 days straight and I think that's from the herbs. The doc said that I might feel dizzy, headache, rashes and stuff like that which mean this thing is working.

    I will ask him for more info though. But if you guys want to research more, the protocal is Dr. Lee Cowden's my doc is following his protocol.

    Another thing, I saw an alternative doc. yesterday and he works with Dr. Cowden and he said that Cowden has had A LOT of success with these herbs and that sometimes it's even better than ABX!

    I guess I'll see if that's the case.

  4. lagf

    lagf New Member

    My daughter has been on the protocol for seven months. We are not sure if she is "hexing" or it is not working....she is very sick. But, she did major antibiotics for eight months and the treatment was not a success. She is chronic and eight years not diagnosed.
    Has anyone in the audience had any experience with this for a long term.

    Some of you have gotten better. Where is the line between improvement and hexing.....
  5. golfdawg11

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    Under another heading you can read my reply about Cumanda.

    My doctor in Ft. Worth says Samento doesn't seem to work very well, yet I've read several articles that seem to show that it does work. He is also suggesting I try some other new herbs from NutraMedix. I am about to give up on the Cumanda though, since I've been on it 7 months and it should have done what it was going to do by now.

    I am considering Samento or another of the NutraMedix herbs, but I must admit that I think the docs are just using us as guinea pigs to see if any of the these herbs work.
  6. victoria

    victoria New Member

    from what I've read, there are many who have done major abx orally for several years before they got better. Obviously there is a risk to it, and one needs to weigh the risks individually...

    So far my son has been on oral abx for 18 months with a few 'time-offs' to let his immune system rest. He has made some gains, but is by no means well, yet.

    We are currently looking into HBOT (hyperbaric oxygen treatments), not foolproof, and I know not everyone benefits, but there is a lot of evidence to support it can possibly help him get better quicker.

    It seems that for some it is a longer road back... with a lot more twists and turns, than for others sadly. No magic bullet in other words.


  7. lagf

    lagf New Member

    We also use a doctor in Ft. Worth and follow the Cowden protocol. We are being told that their is a new drug to replace cumanda to be on market soon,. Have you heard this. I would bet we are with the same doctor.
    It is my daughter who is so ill.....
  8. Chootik

    Chootik New Member

    Thanks for all the replies.

    I've been doing more research in the last few days and came across this..

    The article is called "Lyme Disease: A Look Beyond Antibiotics"

    This is a link for a Dr. Klinghardt, who is treating Lyme with a much much more comprehensive approach than any of the doctors I've been to or any other protocals I've seen!

    It's really long and very involved, but I think it probably has a good chance of working since you would be hitting the DD at so many levels.

    Anyways, I'm still doing the Cumanda, I'm up to 3 drops a day. Probably will start ABX next month.

    Lagf, has your daughter seen ANY improvements in the last 7 months? I mean even if it's small it is better than nothing? Have you guys tested again to see if Lyme levels went down in the last few months? I guess I'm wondering if you can give us more clarification about why you think it hasn't helped her?

    Thanks and let us know if anyone is going to give this a shot.
  9. lagf

    lagf New Member

    She saw improvement on antibiotics the first six months but not enough to continue. We changed doctors because her doctor is in research and going to Europe to work on this issue. We then went to Cumanda and a long term detox. She was exhausted from this....and we went up on Cumanda very dramatically. She is sick for last six weeks...I do not know if it is from Killing lyme (hex) or that meds are not working. We cannot see trees for the forest.
    We are to see her doctor this week. I will update. She is very discouraged.....I am hopeing she will come on this board because it is good to talk to others....
  10. Chootik

    Chootik New Member

    Ahhh.. tell her not to be down! I know this can be really hard, but if we don't give up, we will find the answers. I posted a link to a really usefull and informative article yesterday. Read it if you get a chance. There is a lot of new stuff in that that might help her.

    Also she might be herxing.. maybe you need to slow down the Cumanda a bit.. and see if she feels better and then go up slowly again?

    What are you using to detox?

    Anyways, keep us posted.

    Take care hon
  11. hopeful4

    hopeful4 New Member

    I go to the FFC and am taking Cumanda, Samento and Burbur, along with zith, omnicef, amantadine, boluoke (lumbrokinase), artemisinin, cholestyramine, nystatin, probiotics, and a load of other supplements.

    I know this sounds like a lot, and it is. I started each of them one at a time to monitor for reactions, and have not yet been on this full protocol for 6 months. (I was unable to tolerate previous meds which were doxycycline and mepron.)

    Since you asked about the herbals, I'll tell you my experience. At first I herxed from the Cumanda and then the Samento. However, once I started taking the Burbur, it helped to moderate the herx (it's used for detoxing). (I also herxed big-time from the azithromycin, and a little from the artemisinin.)

    Throughout my treatment I seem to go in cycles...doing well, then plunging into a herx, or just a "down" period. It's just not a linear process.

    Am I doing better? Overall, yes. On a given day, not as well as I'd like, but better than when I started treatment. Am I symptom-free? Hardly. I've got a ways to go.

    Over the summer I had to travel several times due to family needs. Prior to that I had been very committed to following every detail of my protocol. But the travel, stress, and being away from home got me off track with the Cumanda, Samento and Burbur. I keep a health journal, and when looking back on it, I noticed that the weeks of being off-track I was relapsing.

    I was ill for 5.5 yrs. before getting the lyme diagnosis, and I've probably had lyme for much longer. So, I think that getting well is going to take some time.

    Best wishes,

  12. klutzo

    klutzo New Member

    I was misdiagnosed with MS for 4 years, then with FMS for 17 years, before finally being dx'd with Lyme 3 1/2 yrs. ago.

    I am allergic to all ABX that kill Lyme. A holistic doc put me on the Zhang Protocol for six months = Empty wallet and no help. He then put me on MOH Lyme sets, which put me in the hospital. Then he put me on MHA energy vials, which did nothing.

    I decided to do Samento on my own and took it for a year and a half before learning about Cowden and starting his protocol. I did not take the Quina, since I stop breathing if I take any quinine drugs or herbs.

    Burbur did not help me, but chlorella does help a lot with detox, esp. after I found that taking a digestive enzyme with it would allow me to avoid gas and cramping from it. Magnesium is absolutely essential for my heart symptoms.

    I've herxed on Cumanda, and herxed horribly on Samento all the time I've been on it, until I finally lowered the dosage, so I could function at the minimal level that I must. I have never been able to get to the normal starting dose of Samento, due to the herxing, and now take 7 drops per day.

    After 3 yrs. on these herbals, the only improvement I see is that I do not lie awake with chills all night nearly as often anymore. If I stop Samento, the chills come back, so I keep taking it. It also lowers my blood pressure, which has helped keep me from having to constantly increase my dosage of high blood pressure meds.

    I recently started freeze dried garlic, even though the Zhang garlic never helped me. I have to try something,and Dr. Klinghardt says if someone can only take one supplement, that should be it.

    The Klinghardt protocol is the most comprehensive I've seen, but is way too expensive for me, and their position is that all amalgams must be removed and you must have mercxury detox, or you are doomed to fail, even with antibiotics. I know several people who've had amalgam removal, and none are any better, despite spending a fortune on all sorts of other things as well. I have been on disability for 21 yrs. and cannot even begin to afford amalgam removal. Also, I had chelation challenge metals testing for 3 days, which came out very low.

    IMO, it seems to depend on how young you are, how long you were sick before correct diagnosis, and how well you can excrete toxins. This is genetic. You can have HLA DR4 testing to see if you have abnormally low detoxification ability. This test is very expensive though, and not covered by insurance.

  13. pawprints

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    I also see a doc in Ft. Worth that follows Cowden's protocal. I live pretty far away ( only get there by plane) and see him only every now and then.

    I feel the herbs are slow and can cause herxing, but can work as well as the abx in the right combination. I knew they were working when I would have a herx when I increased the drops. I recommend low and slow. I often back down to get a better day and then rework my way up. I have found them to be powerful and take time.

    I'd love to know if others are having success in Ft. Worth and if it is the same doc?

  14. pawprints

    pawprints New Member

    Just wondered if anyone was seeing my doctor.
  15. lagf

    lagf New Member

    Give me the in Ft. Worth
  16. pawprints

    pawprints New Member

  17. lagf

    lagf New Member

    Yes ....we like him. but not sure ....his office has been very disorganized and he has a lot of people pulling at him. I think we should have rotated cumanda earlier. Friends that have lyme for twenty plus years tell me that rotation is the key to having any control over your life.
    We are now rotating banderol and quina....along with using rife and sauna....she does not detox well on her on. Stays sick.
    How are you long going to ls and what are your thoughts.
  18. pawprints

    pawprints New Member

    Thanks for the reply. I don't deal with the office much since I am far away. I agree about rotation. Ask about the Banderol and Cumanda rotation.

    My time frame is about 1 year...started as a FFC patient. I like this program the best after 17 years. I don't do well with drugs and we work with my sensitivities and go slow.

    Have you tried any detox sessions through him or IV's? I would recommend both of those. Do you have your own rife or go somewhere? I have never done sauna b/c the heat bothers me.

    Yes, hang in there. He is very caring. I have yet to find many offices that are organized...try to overlook that part and concentrate on the fact that he is honest and the end that is what really matters. The rest is just frustration.

    This is a crazy month so I don't know how much I will be on the computer, but I will try and check in.

    Warmest regards,
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  19. lagf

    lagf New Member

    Cumanda is off the table...not owrking.

    will know about rife very soon

    Re infrared sauna....the interesting thing is this is not a regular sauna. But it does cause intense detox.

    We have done 12 detox at this time by laser...but her detox from bonderal and sauna etc. is so intense and weakening that we are in a holding pattern in terms of finishing the series.

    Do hope you are feeling better and appreciate your info. We have been in that office about ten months at this time.
    Her biggest issue is also thyroid....and the harmone glands etc.
  20. ANNXYZ

    ANNXYZ New Member

    cures with Cowden in Ft Worth . I am troubled that there is almost NO info of scientific data on burbur .

    My opinion: If you want to use herbs, at least there are real people posting significant progress on Stephen Buhner's protocol ( check lymenet) . I am impressed with the info Buhner has on the herbs he suggests , as they have been studied in other countries and used to fight
    the most hoplesss diseases ( even aids and malaria ) .

    I have read multiple reports of lyme people saying that
    andrographis helped them in a big way . Buhner advocates
    cat's claw , though prefers the capsules by Raintree .

    I think Buhner's book " Healing Lyme " isa GREAT resource for lyme and any other infectious disease .
    I bought it used on amazon.