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  1. petstoregirl

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    How do you guys feel about samento? I've read a bit about it but can't seem to figure out if it's supposed to be a solution or used as an adjunctive therapy.
    Is this something to consider or just a waste of money?
  2. jess

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    Hi, I don't think samento is a waste of money. It is very potent and there have been studies that people have been healed using it. I tried it and I had a bad reaction. My Dr. says I have to go very slowly.
    I believe you can use it as adjunctive therapy too. You need to use TOA free samento or cats claw. Good luck if you decide to use it. I am going to try again and will also use burbur for help with herx. Jess
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    I have taken this, and know someone else who recovered using it, but do not think that Samento alone will kill this off.

    I was taking many other detox items to help move the toxins out of my system, as well as a slew of vit suppliments. The person I knew doing "just" Samento also removed all foods from her diet that didn't come directly from the earth or sea.

    I am currently alternating between Samento & Abx. You need the help of LLMD's to do this. It's not that easy to get rid of.

    My best,
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    Samento definitely makes me herx, so I have to be very careful with it or I can't function, even at the minimal level that I must.

    I am so allergic to all ABX except fluroquinolones, which do not kill borrelia, that herbs are my only option. I am not much better, and I think that is why.

    There is no question that Samento helps with some things, but I do not think it is strong enough to beat this alone, from what I've seen so far. I've been on it for 4 years, but am currently taking only two drops daily. I have also taken Cumanda and Burbur.

    However, keep in mind that I was mis-diagnosed for 17 yrs. before being dx'd with Lyme, by which time I already had significant damage to my knees, shoulders, spine, heart and brain.

    I have also had to cut my Samento dose way below the recommended level, in order to stay married. I have so much borrelia in my brain that the Samento was causing constant neuro herxing, with horrid Lyme rages, and my hubby could not stand it. He bore all the physical problems and my not being able to work better than most men would, but he can't take the anger.

    Samento is supposed to be better at crossing the blood brain barrier than ABX are,so if you have a lot of neuro symptoms, I think it is a good adjunct.

    Take Samento can pack a mean herx. Some people have to start with only 1/4 of one drop daily. That is done by placing one drop in 4 oz. of water and only drinking 1/4 of it, refrigerating the rest for the next days....then slowly raising the dose.