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    I got so confused about the definition of sanctuary after looking at the board that I had to look it up in Websters, antiquated tool that it is.

    I had always though that the term sanctuary meant refuge for ALL. Even criminals, or atheists.

    It basically says what I had thought. It is a holy place or church, a sacred place where fugitives were entitled to immunity, any place of refuge or asylum, a place where animals are safe.

    I have a small farm and prior to it passing into my hands, hunting was allowed (deer, havelina,turkeys,feral hogs and dove). When I got it I was quick to let everyone know I wasn't going to allow this practice any longer.

    I love all the animals but feral hogs are not my favorite. They can be very dangerous and destructive, but I couldn't very well let all the other animals in and keep the hogs out. The cost of building the fence alone would be prohibitive and it is a sanctuary, all animals on this glorious earth are welcome.

    Just wanted to make that clear for anyone else that was confused or concerned.


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    I must say that I think the title of the thread now reflects a need among certain people on the board, who share a religious preference and world view, to have a place where they feel safe. Why should those of us who feel the need of that here not have it? In that respect, it is in keeping with the meaning of sanctuary.

    I don't see why it should be any kind of issue at all. I don't see how that effects anyone else. Semantics aside, I don't get it.

    Peace out,

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    No, of course I'm not saying that! I'm saying that I don't understand why anyone wants to make an issue out of it. I don't get how it interferes with anyone's freedom to share and learn and talk about whatever they believe.

    I'm totally in support of "Sanctuary" being what it is for those who created it. I don't understand anyone being upset by it!

    I think everyone needs to breathe!

    Peace to you!
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    really hard to understand sometimes! Sorry! I express myself in circuitous ways. I confuse even me.

    I think Sanctuary is just fine as it is! I don't understand it being any kind of issue at all!

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    it would be fine with me if it went away, too. But, whether someone decides it has outlived its time and removes it or it just rolls off the board due to being ignored... let us call it over!

    Peace to you Julie,
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    Initially I wrote that the name Sanctuary reflected a need that certain Christians had. I felt uncomfortable with that because it sounded too "us and them" to me, and I turned it into the long confusing sentence about people who shared a wold view... I was politically correct unto incomprehensibility.

    What I was trying to say in my own strange way was that I see absolutely no reason why people cannot have Christian threads, Buddhist threads, Jain threads, Muslim threads, New Age threads, JW threads, Jewish threads... and call them whatever they want.

    Respect is more than being willing to engage and listen; respect is also giving people space and room to observe as they wish, undisturbed.

    Ok, I'm shutting up now unless I discover I've just made my position even more obscure! This will, no doubt, come as a great shock but I have been paid, in more than one medium - more than two mediums - to write!

    Peace out,
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    I appreciate your explanation. It made good sense and I can understand it. I also learn from the scriptures you quote and your devotional prayers. I wouldn't post on a thread that said "Christians Only" though, or "Prayers Only.". Everyone has a right to worship as they wish.

    I think labeling the posts as such would be so helpful too, especially for someone like me who is questioning and seeking. I came home from a bad appointment with my son's cardiologist with the hopes of finding some sanctuary too.

    I know others have many things going on in their lives where they are really needing sanctuary too. I know on these boards there are people with sick grandchildren and some here feeling sick themselves.

    Lets move on. I am editing this to add- Everything seems fine here to me, but then I can't really read how people are feeling very accurately using this medium. If any one want this deleted I will be glad to do so, without prejudice.<Everyone deserves peace here.BR>


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    I love hugs and I really needed that one. Thanks Julie.

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    Have you seen the thread titled "SJ"...well, perhaps you can read that and even post if you'd like...there are some very peaceful postings there that have helped us all to remind each other of what a refuge this place can be...I'm so sorry for your long day...hugs to you!
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    Sorry to hear about your grandson...sending out prayers for him..indeed these boards are a sanctuary for people seeking solace and comfort.

    its awesome to learn you & Rainbow have made your homes a sanctuary for the woodland creatures who need shelter and protection from the human species..God bless your wonderful wonderful souls for that..also Cate..who works with squirrels..and Rafi who works with humans..hahahahaha...(I know she will deny that but it is evident from the many posts many find her words a sanctuary).

    Julie - thank you for being so patient...especially with all going on at too are a sanctuary in the real sense of the word to many..

    God Bless
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    I haven't read it yet but will go there now. Thanks to you also Springwater. I like the prayer of St. Frances and will read that again before I go to sleep.

    Have a good night everyone.
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    I don't read all the threads because I don't have the time or energy and don't mean to go off half cocked. I just didn't realize that when I went to the Sanctuary post folks were wanting sanctuary from ME. I got kinda put off by it. Lydia helped me understand by explaining what people were wanting; the ability to practice their beliefs without a debate of sorts going on on that thread. As I said earlier, of course I understand.

    I have said repeatedly that I am seeking faith. I have asked God and Jesus to come into my life and show me the way thousands of times. I am sincere when I say this. Nothing has happened. I am open, I am ready. I feel so sad about this and have a gaping hole in my life. I just don't understand why it seems so easy for others. People talk about being born knowing.

    Now don't get me wrong I am not faulting God or anyone. The problem, I'm sure is me. Am I alone in this struggle? Don't people of faith waiver and loose their way sometimes also? Why don't people talk about it more?

    It would be so much easier if I was a Christian. I live in a Christian town, a Christian state and a Christian country. I would know exactly what to believe, how to worship, and how to insure that I will be with my loved ones in heaven.

    I don't like to be told I am going to hell for this. It is upsetting. I have talked before about reading parts of Mother Teresa book, including the struggles even she had with her faith in God. I am no Mother Teresa. I wonder though if, during those times, her confessors told her she'd better get with the program or she'd go to hell.

    I don't want to offend anyone with my problem. I had thought that this would be a good place for me to find help. I don't want to stir the pot here. I didn't know where else to go because it's not like I can talk to anyone in my town and my friends don't understand either.

    Sorry I have gone on and on. Anyway, eveyone wants and deserves peace and I do want that to for all.

  13. Gingareeree

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    I'm sorry that you are struggeling so in your search for faith. Yes, people of faith do waiver,question and wander off the path.I for one did just that,never fully rejected my faith,however ,I did not pay close enough attention to it for many years. I ,too felt an anxiety,sense of emptiness. I tried to fill that emptiness with material things,it wasn't until I experienced what I consider to be a serious moral lapse,that I finally returned to God. It's even more meaningful to me now because I know that God loves each and every one of us,regardless of our failings. Even when we do have our faith,there are still struggles. All I can suggest is that you try contemplative prayer,ask the Holy Spirit to guide you,I'll pray for you too,if that's o.k.Also,someone suggested the Bible as a good starting point,maybe even writings by Christian authors like G.K. Chesterson,C.S. Lewis,you might find inspirational. God Bless,Jeanne
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    Thanks for understanding and sharing your struggles. I will persevere in my search and SO appreciate your help.

    I will follow your suggestions. I will look for the authors you suggested. I have read the CS Lewis children's books, with my children. They were in a play years ago of The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe. I was so proud when my son who uses a wheelchair was cast as a prince. They both did so well. Brings back fond memories.

  15. vivian53

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    In my short time here I have found that you Julie, have a way of explaining things to me so I really understand. I can be thick at times. As I have said before, you do have a gift. Please, please, feel free to interject whenever. I mean that as an open invitation to help me out on any thread, any topic.

    I now know at least, what it would feel like to have the Holy Spirit. How wonderful it must be. It would be so easy if it would come to me all at once. I had asked how people pray, and BTW got some lovely ideas, because I thought maybe I was not doing it right. I am though.

    I do also understand that you and other Christians believe in Hell and try to help others by warning them of this danger. Even though I don't have faith I still understand and respect the difference.

    I will study and keep praying the prayer that never fails "God's will be done."

    I hope you are having a great time now with (I think ?) your daughter and that at some time shopping carts will be involved in that fun. I am sitting here typing with my bird on my head and feel sort of silly doing it so I will go now too.


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    Do you mind if I butt in here for a minute? Like you, I struggled for years with my faith....I believed, but just didn't seem to make any progress with my closeness to God, or feel the Holy Spirit at all. I felt like I was being shut off from Him, and wondered what I was doing wrong.

    When growing up in a very dysfunctional family, I had a lot of hurtful memories of church and religion....but knew it was the right and true way. My oldest brother was my "rock" and always made me feel loved and protected. He was also a little on the wild side...drank, partied, married 3 times, etc.

    When he died in an accident, I was totally devistated, and in such deep sorrow. One night as I was praying, thinking of him, and asking God to please be lenient with my loving brother who meant so much to me, tears were streaming down my face.

    Suddenly it was as though I heard a man's chuckle, and the words, "My dear child, if you love him this much, how much more I must love him, because he is my son" Such a calm, warm feeling flooded over me, and I truly understood the love of our Father, the goodness He sees in us, and His willingness to forgive if we but ask.

    I have never felt the Holy Spirit like that again, but I know He's there guiding me and keeping me safe, and giving me the strength I need for all my daily struggles. That's my faith. It's not something you see....not something you necessarily feel as coming directly from God or the Spirit....but a truth you feel deep down in your soul, which grows and grows the more you nurture it through pure prayer and reading of the Bible.

    I'm not nearly as well versed as Sassy, Julie, Crystal or some of the others, but I do feel strongly my love of God. You will get there if you really believe and strive daily to know Him.

    I hope I haven't bored you...just wanted you to know I'm not that far from where you are, actually, and we can journey together if you wish. Friends***Jole***
  17. vivian53

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    You aren't butting in and I found your post so open and honest. I understand your past struggles with religion. I am sorry you lost your dear brother.

    I am very interested in your description of the Holy Spirit, I have never felt this before. Yes there are so very well versed people on this board and you too have the ability to get your thoughts across well, not boring at all.

    Thank you for the encouraging words and the offer to travel with me. I am going to take you up on that and I look forward to it Jole. You are a friend and I thank you.

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    Yes I have prayed for God to come into my life for at least 45 years. I have begged and cried. I have probably prayed this prayer "Please God come in to my life and show me what you want me to do, show me the way and help me have faith", literally thousands of times.

    I have told before how my husband died and that he was a Christian. It gave him so much comfort, especially on his deathbed. I know, I saw. I have wanted this more than I can say.

    I have read so many Christian books. I have watched Joel Olsteen on TV and read his book. I like his style BTW.

    Sassy2 I have gone to church hundreds of times, the Presbyterian Church, the Baptist Church and the Methodist Church. I have listened and I have learned. I have read the Bible. I have used study guides to understand it.

    For a couple of years I had a boyfriend who was a Jehovah's Witness and I learned all about them and attended their meetings. All to no avail.

    What hasn't happened is my ability to know God. Not one tiny bit of faith that He is there.
    Now remember this started when I was a kid, about 10 years old.

    I haven't stopped. I continue to this day. I will attend church services this Sunday. I will pray today.

    I won' give up but I will now explore different paths to God or Good.

    I'm not sure just what sins to turn from. I do live with my boyfriend but that's not breaking any of the Commandments. I try not to break them. It is an ongoing thing for me just like for everyone.

    That's why I came here, to find out what others have done and what I must be doing wrong. Why else would this be happening to me?

    I have never heard of anyone wanting to believe in God as much as I have and who has prayed for it for so long.

    Please don't misunderstand me. I don't blame God, I blame myself. I have thought maybe I was undeserving but I am a good, kind and loving person. I know that God comes to people when they are sinners. The churches here in town are full of them.

    So that's it. Thanks for thinking about me.


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  19. vivian53

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    No I have never been baptized. My parents believed that was a personal decision, not one for them to make for me.

    I have never had faith so to asked to be baptized I have thought would make me the worst kind of hypocrite.

    I will pray the prayer you have suggested. I will read and study.

    If I feel the presence of God in my life you will be the first to know. I'll post about it but before I do you will probably hear my cries of joy, they will be so loud.


    PS One more thing Sassy, please tell me again how I will know. I know this sounds ignorant but that is how I feel.

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    I am worse than a doubting Thomas because at least he had faith at one time.

    Yes I will read the book of St. John.

    No I'm not looking for a great thing to come over me, although I think that would be awesome.
    I think it will just feel like I finally "know."

    How will I know? Well from what everyone has told me I just will.

    I have worked hard to try to get things straight in my mind and in my life. The spiritual part, the faith that so many have, is what is missing.

    I feel the emptiness, I know the sorrow connected with this emptiness.

    I won't give up Sassy2 I am very persistent.