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    your an angel...ty so much for helping me...
    yes, i see one now...i think he is more cfs and fms specilist...he is at the fibro and fatigue center here in ut...we just moved here a month ago from az but, we were in denver when my symptoms started...dimming vision etc...but, b/f that i had neuro symptoms that i can date back to 97 when i was getting my ms in biology...and in the woods of north la. and sount ark A LOT!
    but, the exteme stuff started in 05 witht he delay feeling in the leg etc and vision stuff and tingling...just got out of bed one day and whamo...i felt like the flu...with tingling.
    so anyway...
    like i said we had the white footed mice in our home and i wonder if they were the kickers'

    my llmd has me on doxy...i have had miracle moments or hours but, i feel pretty bad often.
    i hadn't had the miracle moments like this till i started the doxy though.

    anyway his name is dr. whitaker here in ut.

    are we allowed to exchange emails are a big help to me.
    ty soooo much, sc
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    what happened to the last post...oh shoot...were we not sopossed to do that?
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