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    Hey, I just read somewhere else that you are from pittsford NY. I grew up there, and my sister is still there and has a bunch of fibromyalgia problems. She just found out about the support groups in brighton and in greece, but she really right now needs to find a massuse for her fibro (they accually discharged her from her physical therapy saying she was 'cured'...which is completely insane) If you have any info on them that would be wonderful
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    Nice to meet you and hear you were from Pittsford and your sister still lives here. Yes, I do know of a couple of massage places but haven't tried them myself yet. I have tried a place called Luxe and used their massaging and it felt so good,

    I'll look up the other places I've heard about.

    Sorry to hear they dismissed your sister from pt. Their is a wonderful Fibro support group here and also a lady named Barb Casica who helps people with fibro. Barb has a web site under her name and I've gone to her for a counsalation.

    Take care,


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