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    Sandy, thanks for sharing your experience thus far in your treatment approach for Lyme.

    I'm now realizing the reason I've had such difficulty with the Herxing is because I jumped in with both feet with all the mediations and supplements, not to mention the Heparin shots (all have added up major Herxing activity).

    I've been soaking twice daily in Epson Salt, and natural herbs baths. I can tell this a.m. that some side effects have gotten better. The last 14 days have been something I've never experienced.

    I haven't even thought to discuss with Dr. Bullington about pulsing the home medication, Famvir, Artemisinin and some of the supplements assisting in die-off.

    I'm interested in knowing what exactly are "Detox Food Pads" and "Dry Brushing"??? Perhaps this is something I need to begin using to help with the Herxing........I need all the information I can pull together because once this Herxing process ends, I'm quite sure another one will begin as soon as Dr. B. begins on the next problem, (Babesia and/or Lyme)

    I haven't been physcially able to work in the past 3 weeks due to the die-off problems......but, I do welcome all this because I want so desperately to get I'm not complaining, just like info. and talking with someone who has similar infections, etc.........communication and feedback, thanks to this Message Board, a wonderful working tool for all of us.............

    So how long have you been going to the Atlanta FFC? I'm very pleased with their knowledge and ability to help us.
    Perhaps we can see each other there sometime.

    Again, thanks for your generous Post of information...........

    God Bless,

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