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    Sandy, thanks for your input and encouragment. So you were treated first for Lymes, then Epstein Barr, is this correct?

    The reason Dr. B. began treating Epstein Barr and Mycoplasmas first is because we didn't run the Western Blott for Lyme until after the firt results came back with Babesia, Epstein, and the other infections.

    I really don't feel herxing for Lymes when beginning the antiobodits can or will be any more difficult than what I've already experienced.

    And I will take notice about the pulsing if it is overwhelming again.

    Actually, the herxing has let up brain zappers, I'm just very weak and short of breath at times with a rapid heartbeat if over exerting. Really need to stay in bed more than I'm doing....................

    Did or do you go for I.V's every week at the FCC??????
    Did you or are you getting antiobodits via I.V.'s or just taking the oral? I'd really like know...........

    I've been going weekly since August 29th and am ready to begin spreading the trips for I.V.'s out some. It is really getting to be overwhelming to me...........

    So re you really rsponding and feeling more energy????? Often times I think to myself, if I have had this ever since I became so sick in 1993, have I gone to long with the disease not being treated that I may not respond to is really something to think aobut...............

    Hope you hear back from you.

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    First of all, you WILL respond to treatment. You have to look at it like a marathon and not a short distance run.

    Dr. B. started me on Heparin and Lumbrokinase before anything else. Then, after I did the virus panel, she started the abx, then told me to wait a bit and start the Samento then the Cumanda. I just started the Artemisinin about a month ago.

    I'm in my 4th month of abx. On any given day I can go from feeling stronger (especially mentally) to light to moderate pain (I take my pain meds -- Oxycodone), tired (take a nap), feeling like its working or feeling like giving up. Its really a roller coaster for a little while.

    Last month I went in to see Dr. B. and I had been struggling a lot with feeling awful. I asked her if it was too soon to be seeing results and she said yes it was.

    Even though I'm ramping up on the abx, I think I'm feeling a little stronger. I've not even said that out loud yet but the mental clarity is better. Sleep, the right foods, probiotics and the detox foot pads are helping me tremendously.

    I tried a couple of IV's when I first started and didn't feel anything good or bad with them. Dr. B. said to just wait a little while. I started back last month and have had 2 of the viral IV's. They seem to help. I even felt better for 2 days afterwards.

    I'm only taking the oral antibiotics. Truthfully, when I read about others getting infections from their PICC line, its a little scary but a lot of people on the lyme forum do the PICC line and do really well with it. They've not started them at the FFC as far as I know. Brenda said they were supposed to get some IV antibiotics at some point.

    I may be working on the viruses with the Artemisinin. I'm not sure if its for viruses also. I read online that it was for bacteria and parasites so that's good.

    Hang in there girl, you will make it.