Sandy, Thank for the info:

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    Sandy, appreciate your feedback, very informative. I'll keep you posted and may need more info. from you. Hope you do really good with your treatment. I go every Tuesday and Wednesday for antiviral I.V's, plus others. I've started Famvir taking 2 twice daily in addition to Artemisinin, a supplement for Epstein Barr.

    I've been on Heparin for 5 weeks, plus a host of supplements, compounds, i.e., thyroid, cortsoil, nystatin and of course the natural compound hormones which I've been on for over two years.

    The reason I'm expecting theLyme Disease test to come back positive is because the first blood workup came back with a high titer (extremely high) for Babesia, an illness transmitted by a tick bit. In light of this, it stands to reason to me Lyme will be positive. I pray not, since I'm dealing with (4) issues of viruses, bacterial and mycoplasma. Seems almost overwhelming doesn't it!!!!!!!!!!
    So I'm almost like you thus far............


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