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    You sure are encouraging and a blessing to my spirit. I take delight in hearing how far you have ocme. How wonderful..........

    So which FFC do you go to???? And, may I ask, did you get treatments (I.V.'s) 1 or 2 times per week during the first few months?

    I often feel I'm taking a very aggressive approach in doing this but the sooner I can get the treatment into my body, the faster die-off will take place. I want those things killed........, plus, I have four (4) infections to consider, that is a lot of treatments and die-off process.

    Guess I'm looking at feeling pretty bad for a long time if each treatment course is different for the 4 infections. And of course, if the Lyme test shows positive then I have another problem to deal with. I often wonder how I got to this point.........but guess my immune system just couldn't go another mile so the critters just overcome....

    Please let me hear from you if you have some time regarding the above questions. Thanks for your support.

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