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    Santa Barbara is a city of "smart" officials......they are the home of ProHealth and a city that I believe in 1991 rejected mass fluoridation to their precious drinking water....

    CA is now again facing a major drought and our Gov has proclaimed that today.....

    Instead of pushing for mass rapid transit, why not push for MORE Water from our oceans....we need water and not speed....

    Back in my busy active worklife, I went to SB quite a lot and thought I'd like to end up there, and even kept a map of this lovely city in my bedroom, but I never ended up is a beautiful city by the sea, a collage town and a city with SMART and sensible environmental thinking people.....‎
    Jul 26, 2013 - Description. The Charles Meyer Desalination Plant is in long-term storage mode and is not currently producing drinking water for the City.
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    We are in a major drought here in CA, the rainfall last year was the lowest since they have recording rainfall...The Sierras are bare, no snowpack.....not good for us. It's 80something here right now.
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    Oh, it just hit me and I'm hearing it on my radio, today is 20th anniversary of the
    Northridge EQ...lots of damage here in my area's been pretty quiet for 20 yrs, hope it stays that way.....just need rain/water.....
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    Hi Jam, I just saw this post. I agree with you totally about the need for desalination plants in Ca. I hope we will see this problem addressed after this terribly dry winter.

    I lived on Santa Barbara for about seven years, and went to the Univ. of CA. S.B. Such a beautiful town. And the backdrop of mountains that you can see from the beach, and the channel islands out to sea. I went to Santa Rosa Island once on a botany expedition. The little foxes are totally tame!

    I enjoyed galloping horses in the surf, and sunbathing nekkid. But I was younger then, and the world turns.....

    Regards and Hugs,
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    Our money needs to go here and NOT in high speed rail on all the faults in our state....such stinkin thinkin from our so called smart officials.....yes, SB is incredibly beautiful....